Far Cry 5 - Gone Squatchin Prepper Stash

Gone Squatchin' is a Prepper Stash in Far Cry 5. Prepper Stashes are mini-quests that offer exceptional rewards for completing. Grapple perk is required. 


This stash starts outside of the Dansky Cabin, west of Clagett Bay and northwest of Langford Lake in Whitetail Mountains.

Finding the Stash

Look for the note outside and read it to begin. Turn right and keep going till you find another note left on a ledge by Dansky. Turn around and follow a path that contains climbing ropes (and blood) up the mountain until Dansky's body is visible below. Use a grapple to get down to the body and get the keycard. Go back to the cabin and unlock the door. The stash is inside.


Cash, perk magazines and a fishing map for Chinook Salmon.


  • Attacking sounds of the Yeti from Far Cry 4 DLC: Valley of the Yetis can be heard.
  • The name of the mission and Dansky's decission to hunt the Sasquatch, is a play on the popular myth, that Sasquatches (aka Big Foot) lives in the Northen States of United States' forests.