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This article appeared in Far Cry 6

Guapo is a character and Amigos featured in Far Cry 6.


Guapo is a crocodile and the pet of Juan Cortez, a guerrilla mentor. He is very loyal and is given commands via whistles. He can be used by Dani Rojas to attack members of Fuerzas Nacionales de Defensa.

If Dani takes the boat to leave Yara and live in the US, it's unknown what would happen to Juan and Guapo, although the latter certainly did not abandon Juan to swim away with Dani all the way to Miami.


  • "Guapo" means handsome in Spanish.
  • His species is the fictional Yaran crocodiles, which is strikingly similar to Cuban crocodiles. Unlike Cuban crocodiles in real life that are being critically endangered, Guapo and his kind still have a more than sustainable population.
  • Since Cuba also exist in Far Cry, it's unknown whether the nearly identical Yaran crocodile can be useful for breeding efforts to save Cuban crocodile population or not.