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Guy Marvel is a character that appears in Far Cry 5. He is directing his artistic masterpiece "Blood Dragon 3" at the abandoned Grimalkin Radon Mine.

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Far Cry 5

Quiet on the Set

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When near the Grimalkin Radon Mine, the Deputy will get a call asking for assistance nearby.

Blood Dragon 3

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Later, Guy again requests help from the deputy - this time as the acting star of his movie's fight sequences.

Dead Living Zombies

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The Dead Living Zombies DLC for Far Cry 5 tells the story of how Guy, after failing to impress several script writers, is sent to Hope County to direct a film.

Far Cry New Dawn

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Guy Marvel survived the initial nuclear exchange and took refuge in the main building of Holmes Residence (which is called 'Planet Guy Marvel' in Far Cry New Dawn). He even managed to salvage some of his equipment and his director's chair. However, the only thing that the visiting Captain finds in the ruined building is a note that contains a potential clue about Guy Marvel's fate. There is a grave with a decrepit makeshift cross nearby, which suggests that Guy probably took that walk outside and succumbed later to radiation sickness.


  • Guy Marvel will make an offhand comment about how "Blood Dragon 3" will be a better movie than "Far Cry", which very likely a quip intended to poke fun at the ill-received 2008 Uwe Boll film.
  • Guy Marvel's note at 'Planet Guy Marvel' in Far Cry New Dawn confirms that Lost On Mars is a part of Guy Marvel's "final masterpiece", which also means that they are little more than a product of his overactive imagination, and therefore should not be construed as having any other significance. this renders the outcome of Larry Parker's journey to mars up to the player's interpretation.
  • A Poster for "Escape from the Rooftop" can be found in an underground bunker, where Nadine Abercrombie hid for an unknown period of time. This is meant to imply that Guy Marvel's films as well as the storyline for Dead Living Zombies was part of the canon storyline of the Far Cry series.


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