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The Harpoon Gun is a new weapon in the DLC Hurk's Redemption for Far Cry 4. It is obtainable in the signature weapons menu when all three Hurk missions have been completed. The Harpoon Gun also has paint jobs available.

It is a single shot weapon with a very long reload time, not recommended for fighting multiple enemies at once. The Harpoon Gun is more of a novelty weapon, simply put in the game to add more fun.

Enemies can fly quite far away due to the power behind the Harpoon, and are nailed to any structure that may be behind them. Harpoons can be retrieved just like arrows and throwing knives.

The Harpoon Gun is a silent weapon, meaning it can be used in stealth missions, however, the weapon's habit of launching the victim several meters through the air may result in the user being detected. In some situations, such as enemies standing on a cliff, however, this can be used by a skilled user to kill the enemy and dispose of the body in one shot. In spite of this, other weapons such as the Auto-Crossbow or suppressed sniper rifles like the SA-50 are generally better choices for stealth combat.



  • The Harpoon Gun is the only signature weapon in the game that can be customized with paint schemes.

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