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Health Pack

Far Cry

The Health Pack is the player's lifeline throughout the game. Without health regeneration like in other first person shooters, the only resource of health replenishment are the scattered Health Packs found in the environment.

Health Packs are normally more frequently found in enemy camps or outposts. The game's difficulty level controls the amount of Health Packs available to the player, higher levels provide less Health Packs. So the player should avoid being seen, engage in combat or venture into open areas. The ensure survival via stealth tactics it is recommended to constantly scope the environment with the Binoculars, sticking to thick vegetation, crouching/crawling and using strategic ghosting kills to progress.

Far Cry 5

Health packs return in Far Cry 5, under a new name, Medkit. They are used to regenerate the players health, and when used will refill health points up to maximum health instantly. The player can carry three medkits, unless they have obtained the Journey Pack perk, in which they can now carry up to five.

Medkits can be obtained from some buildings, either on the floor on a bench. A tip for getting medkits is to complete the Prepper Stash missions, as nearly all bunkers have at least one. They can also be purchased from any store for $250 each.

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