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Hector Voorhees is first lieutenant of the United Front for Liberation and Labour in Far Cry 2.Hector Voorhees is the UFLL’s primary security consultant, originally employed by Bastion UK. He had been in the failed state for six weeks, coordinating between his troops and native UFLL fighters, when the word leaked out that the country’s major diamond mine had gone bust months before. In a matter of hours, the figurehead president was missing and presumed dead, the commander of the army and his UFLL counterpart were boarding private aircrafts to Paris and Tripoli, respectively, and the share prices for both Bastion UK and MacGrudderPowell’s parent company began to plummet uncontrollably. Hector and his men were left out in the cold.

Act I

If the player is betrayed by the APR, Voorhees will appear and spare the player. As a repayment, he then orders him to assassinate Prosper Kouassi and leaves behind a vehicle.

Act II

When the UFLL's captain in the north, Leon Gakumba, is killed, faction leader Addi Mbantuwe needs a right-hand man in Bowa-Seko, and Voorhees certainly fills the bill (earpiece and all). The two brief the player on faction missions at the UFLL HQ in Port Selao.

If the player is mainly working for the APR and has to take the diamond briefcase for the truce of the factions on the behalf of the UFLL, Voorhees is rightly suspicious about this but does not state his opinion to the player.


Even if you choose not to kill him, like all other potential faction leaders, he is killed at the end of Act III in the Jungle Bivouac.


  • Voorhees is not well liked by a handful of prominent people.
    • If Joaquin Carbonell rescued the player at the beginning of the game, he will order him to assassinate Voorhees. Carbonell also spits on Voorhees' character by leaving spiteful remarks.
    • He is mentioned by a buddy, Xianyong Bai, who greatly detests him in Treasure Hunt.
    • On the other hand,  Add Mbantuwe tells Voorhees during one of their conversations that the player can overhear that he likes him because he "is always angry".
  • His surname (coincidentally or not) is borrowed from the name of the iconic slasher killer, Jason Voorhees. 
  • Voorhees mentions during one of his interactions with the player that fought in Angola.
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