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“Locals associate the sound of chopper blades with bad news, and for good reason. If it isn't one of Vaas's pirates with a shotgun, it's a movie star from Beverly Hills coming to steal one of their children.”
Far Cry 3 Survival Guide

The Helicopter is a vehicle in Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry 5. It has a seat for a Pilot and a Co-pilot and is armed with what appears to be an M230 chain gun.

Far Cry 3

It is used by both the Pirates and Privateers. In the beginning, when Jason is running through the jungle, a helicopter is sent after him in an effort to gun him down. When it severed the rope bridge and made Jason fall into the river below, it flies away, presuming that Jason is dead.

The Helicopter is one of the few vehicles that cannot be piloted by Jason, as shown in a mission when he forces one of Vaas' pilots to fly - with a pistol to his head, rather than flying the aircraft himself. In a penultimate mission in the game, Jason uses the mounted gun, which is an MKG with seemingly explosive ammunition mounted on the right side of the helicopter while his brother Riley flies it in order to escape from South Island. Helicopters may be sent after Jason on certain challenges, missions or upon activation of an alarm at an outpost.

Far Cry 4

The helicopter returns once again in Far Cry 4, however, it still cannot be piloted by the player. They are owned and operated by Pagan Min's Royal Army. Helicopters appear during campaign missions or as reinforcements for enemy fortresses that have called for backup. Any rocket or grenade launcher can quickly take out a helicopter. Another method is to throw a grenade or any other explosive device into the cabin.The Helicopter is armed with a powerful turret and rockets, both of which are used to shoot at the player. The helicopter will usually have another soldier on board, with either a mounted turret or a rifle. If the player is using a Buzzer or Wingsuit it may also attempt to ram and destroy you with its rotor blades. Strangely, it will not attempt this if you are using a Parachute. Helicopters can also airdrop up to four troops at a time, the type of soldier depending on which area of Kyrat you are in.

Far Cry 5

Instead of a modern military helicopter, the Cultists are using old civilian helicopters as attack helicopters around in Hope County in Far Cry 5. These helicopters are manufactured by a fictional company called Kaumbat, and the variants are the Kaumbat MH-158H Dap Sky Scarab, the Kaumbat MH-158 Sky Scarab, the Kaumbat H-04 Foxfly, the Kaumbat H-04B Foxfly, the Kaumbat R-31, the Kaumbat R-31 Air Buzzer and the Aerial Force Helicoper - the MH-158 variants and the Aerial Force Helicopter are based on a Bell 407 series, while the Kaumbat R-31 variants are based on the single-engine Aérospatiale SA 315B Lama helicopter. Adelaide Drubman uses a unique Kaumbat R-31 Air Buzzer helicopter that she dubbed "Tulip".

"Sometimes you need a better vantage point, how’s 5,000 feet above the action sound?"


  • Helicopters with four different paint schemes appear: white, black, camouflage and striped.
  • In Blood Dragon, Helicopters have a black paint scheme with a white Omega on the sides.
  • In Far Cry 3, Helicopters can reinforce an outpost if an alarm is triggered. They are somewhat rare, however, and their appearance is uncommon.
  • In Far Cry 4, Helicopters appear more commonly. They are often seen airdropping soldiers and guarding outposts and fortresses. On rare occasions, a Helicopter may engage and pursue Ajay directly.
  • In Far Cry 5, Helicopters are used by Cultist reinforcements that are called in if you trigger an alarm at Cult outposts, but they can also appear as random encounters.


  • The Helicopters in Far Cry 3 appear to be based on the Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk.
  • The Helicopters in Far Cry 4 appear to be a mix between a Sikorsky 76B Fantail Helicopter and a Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk. This gives them a unique futuristic look with a pilot operated chin turret unlike other helicopters in the Far Cry series.
  • The Helicopters are named "Black Hawk" in the map editor.
  • It is currently unknown how the Pirates or Privateers could have obtained these Helicopters, as the UH-60 is a US military helicopter, and is unavailable on the civilian market.
  • Shooting a pilot through the cockpit windows will result in the helicopter spinning out of control and crashing. Sniper rifles and the .700 Nitro are particularly effective for this tactic.
  • In Far Cry 3, the machine guns on the Helicopters will fire bullets at the player. However, in Blood Dragon, the machine gun will fire neon-blue lasers.
  • In Blood Dragon, the explosive rounds from the Kobracon will often kill a helicopter's pilot with splash damage before the helicopter itself is destroyed.
  • In Far Cry 4 Pagan Min has his own private helicopter with a unique black and yellow color scheme with the Royal Army symbol on the side. The livery is very similar to U.S. homeland security LRAD Blackhawks.
  • If you let Pagan Min live in the last campaign mission at his dinner table and kill him later at the Lakshama Memorial as Pagan flies away, you can find his crashed helicopter afterward on the road leading to the Royal Palace. Pagan Min's body can also be seen lying next to the helicopter.