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The Helicopter Gunship is an aircraft which is used for troop transportation and air support.

The gunship normally carries 3 troops and has a Mounted Vulcan Minigun on its side door opening, manned by a gunner. Killing the gunner on the weapon will render the gunship unarmed and it may fly away to prevent being brought down. The gunner can be a rear guard or a cover mercenary which makes it harder since he as more health.

The Helicopter Gunships are also fast response units, that will scout an area where the player was last seen and remain there for a while. When this happens, it is advisable for the player sprint into cover or hide among the jungle trees, since it will make it more difficult for the helicopter to track the player's movements. Running in a zig-zag motion when under fire from the gunship can also increase the players chance of not being hit and making it to cover. Luckily the Helicopter gunship is always fought one unit at a time never are 2 fought, though on the level Fort, 2 choppers come on the player's location, but only one of them will stay and fight while the other will drop troops off then leave.

Helicopters spawn when the alarm of most mercenary camp is activated and one will come in, drop off 3 mercenaries then provide air support by having a gunner shoot at the player with a minigun and following that player if he runs away. Note that Helicopters can sometime be avoided, for example a helicopter that as spotted you can be avoided by attracting them far from the area you need to go, then with the cover of bushes, walk back to your objective, be sure they don't spot you though. Sometime a helicopter will head to where you are, even if you haven't alerted anybody, in that case just keep moving from cover to cover to the way you need to go without letting the Helicopter confirm you are there. Very few of the helicopters that spawn will only drop off renforcement then fly away .

A rocket launcher is always useful when confronted by a Helicopter Gunship. The Helicopter that Crowe uses against the player at the end of the Level boat, can somehow take much more damage then any other helicopters fought, easily taking multiple rockets and Grenades from the grenade launcher of the G36 and OICW.


  • From the appearance the helicopter gunship looks like a UH-60 Blackhawk.
  • Strangely, the gunner of the first Helicopter gunship to be fought does not use the Mounted Minigun but instead uses his assault rifle, this is the only time it is seen as every other gunners use their mounted Minigun. It is possible that this is because it is only the second level of the game when this particular chopper is fought and it is supposed to be not too hard yet.