Far Cry 5

The Henbane River or Faith's Region is a region of Hope County, Montana in Far Cry 5Faith Seed presides over this region, although she has never been seen in physical form outside the church at Joseph's Compound during the prologue mission. The Henbane River is named after the henbane flower, which has hallucinogenic properties. This flower is the real-life inspiration for the Bliss flower. Here, Faith's angels manufacture the Bliss drug out of the flowers. While hunting in this region before killing Faith, she can randomly appear and talk to the Deputy

Notable locations in this location include Raptor Peak and The Father's Statue. The Resistance stronghold in this area is the Hope County Jail. Here, Virgil Minkler runs the Cougars, which is the Henbane River version of the Whitetail Militia. Other notable members include TraceySheriff Whitehorse, and Dr. Charles Lindsey.  Also, Marshal Burke is stuck in the Bliss world, being controlled by Faith.

When players enter this region, Dutch will warn them over the radio to stay away from the Bliss flowers. There are also multiple Bliss canisters spread throughout the area that should be avoided as well. Both will cause the Deputy to be affected. While affected, the Deputy's vision may distort, and Faith may appear.

The Guns for Hire that reside in Faith's Region are Adelaide Drubman and Sharky BoshawPeaches the Cougar can be recruited from Peaches' Taxidermy.



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