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The Highwaymen are a nationwide gang of marauders led by the Twins, Mickey and Lou, during the events of Far Cry New Dawn. They have various charters all across America.

Most of their ranks are highly armed and have a large arsenal of weaponry similar to the Project at Eden's Gate. They also blast music that can be heard for miles. A violent lot, the Highwaymen entertain themselves with death races and gladiatorial fights.


The Highwaymen are a gang of marauders that came to prominence after the nuclear holocaust and also pillage, enslave, or kill anyone and anything in their path. They were founded and led by the Twins' father -- Vince -- until they killed him after he became a problem, usurping his role. Each twin took up a role, Mickey as the brains and Lou as the muscle. The Twins have proven to be successful leaders despite their differences. Ever since the twins took over, the Highwaymen became one of the most dominant gangs in America. The Highwaymen have chapters all across America including Louisana, California, and the Grand canyon. Each chapter of the Highwaymen seem to compete with one another to try and become the most powerful. Each chapter also seems to function individually with their own leadership though the leaders of each chapter still anwsers to the twins. 

The Twins however met resistance from the Scavengers and the New Eden cult in Hope County, and waged a brutal war on both groups for control of the region.

After the death of Lou and the death/resignation of Mickey and the raid on their HQ by the combined forces of Prosperity's people and New Eden, the Highwaymen in Hope County are severely crippled but still active as they cannot let go of their marauding way. This causes Prosperity people and The Security Captain to continue fighting them for a long period of time.



  • Mickey - Highwaymen co-leader (Killed by the Security Captain or is spared and leaves hope county in search of her mother, effectively resigned as a leader of the Highwaymen).
  • Lou - Highwaymen co-leader (Killed by the Security Captain)
  • Vince - Former Highwaymen leader and founder (murdered and usurped by the Twins)
  • Gina Guerra - Former Highwayman
  • Irwin Smalls - Fighting manager and self-proclaimed right-hand man of the Twins who fell into their debt and wants them dead to solve it.
  • Frank - Prison Warden in former Hope County Jail.



Top: Lou's vest; Middle: early Masonic rendition of the Eye of Providence; Bottom: one style of the Hamsa amulet.

The Highwaymen's symbol is the crude drawing of an eye surrounded with outward lines. It can be found abundantly painted, sprayed or drawn in graffiti in whatever locations they reside.

The reason behind this choice remains unknown.

The symbology regarding the eye is ancient. In the Highwaymen's case, two instances could have inspired its rendition:

  • The Eye of Providence , also known as The All Seeing Eye, features a centered eye, with surrounding "glory", or outward rays. However, it usually features a triangle that is lacking in the Highwaymen's case. An image in Christian iconography, it represents Divine Providence (the intervention of God on Earth).
  • A Hamsa amulet often features an eye at the center of its palm, and sometimes the eye is surrounded by outward lines. One of its most popular uses is the warding off of the evil eye . If this is the case, the Highwaymen's choice reveals a pervading superstition, grounded in a symbol that predates the fall of the bombs.

Some units in the RTS game Warcraft 3 have the True Sight ability ; its symbol ressembles the said eye.