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This article appeared in Far Cry New Dawn

The Highwaymen is a nationwide confederation of marauders, made up of loosely-co-operating Chapters, including one based in Hope County. The Highwaymen are ruthless, callous opportunists who care nothing for civilians and see them as target practice or resources. They are an extremely violent group who play loud music that can be heard in the distance, and entertain themselves with death races and gladiatorial fights.

Most of their ranks are highly-armed and have a large arsenal of weaponry and heavily customised vehicles, similar to the Project at Eden's Gate.

None of the other chapters are known by name. They are referred to offhandedly as "The Other Chapters" or "The Eastern Chapters". The Hope County Chapter is led by the Twins, Mickey and Lou, during the events of Far Cry New Dawn.


The Highwaymen are a gang of marauders that came to prominence after the nuclear holocaust and also pillage, enslave, or kill anyone and anything in their path. They were founded and led by the Twins' father, Vince, until they killed him after he became a "problem", usurping his position. Each twin took up a role, Mickey as the brains and Lou as the muscle. The Twins have proven to be successful leaders, despite their differences. Ever since the twins took over, the Highwaymen became one of the most dominant gangs in America. The Highwaymen have chapters all across America, including Louisana, California, and the Grand Canyon. Each chapter of the Highwaymen seems to compete with one another to try to become the most powerful. Each chapter also seems to function individually with their leadership, though the leaders of each chapter still answer to The Twins.

The Twins, however, met resistance from the Scavengers and the New Eden cult in Hope County and waged a brutal war on both groups for control of the region.

After the death of Lou and the death/resignation of Mickey, the loss of their leadership and the raid on their headquarters by the combined forces of Prosperity's people and New Eden, the Highwaymen in Hope County are severely crippled but still active as they cannot let go of their marauding way. This causes Prosperity's people and The Security Captain to continue fighting them for a long time.


They are also known for having Levels ranging from I to III which impacts their combat ability like Hitpoints. For example, Level Is are vulnerable to headshots, killing them instantaneously. Level IIs have ballistic face-masks that need to be destroyed before headshots become anteriorly-effective; however, they are immediately vulnerable to headshots from the posterior. Level IIIs have a full-face helmet that fully protects them from headshots. Not only from the hitpoints bar you can also see differences visibly from their armour. They all have red-painted Level I Rusty Weapons.

"When I first started seeing these assholes show up, I figured it was bad news. I've seen my share of paramilitary and criminals, and these were a combination of both - no discipline, and armed to the fucking teeth."

Kim Rye

The Assault unit are the standardised Highwaymen, typically charged with transporting prisoners and supplies along the roads of Hope County. They are typically found in their spare time spectating events or enjoying downtime.

Strategic Data

  • The Highwaymen Assaulters will move from cover to cover to avoid enemy fire, but will disregard cover if it provides a good shot.
  • Assaults are armed with 1911 pistols and higher levels typically have full-auto assault rifles.
  • Level 1 Assaults are armed with 1911 pistols and are often seen, even after late game, be seen in trucks.
  • Assaults will typically drive Highwaymen trucks transporting prisoners, fuel, or supplies, and most are fairly weak.
  • Level 2 and 3 assaulters can cut your health down quite fast if you are careless, but are fairly standard enemies.
  • See here for images - https://farcry.fandom.com/wiki/Highwaymen_Assaulter

"The Highwaymen have people stealing goods off of corpses.  These guys are chickenshits and they’ll run at the first sign of trouble. If you see them, take them out and loot their backpacks. They’re full of stuff you can use.."

Kim Rye

Scavengers are scouts and looters, in charge of looting corpses and supply drops. They prefer fleeing to fighting, but will defend themselves when necessary.

Strategic Data

  • Highwaymen Scavengers are enemies typically encountered in the open world, scavenging corpses either alone or with an Assaulter accompanying them.
  • If spooked, Scavengers will throw smoke grenades and attempt to escape, but are fairly weak to their respective level of weapons.
  • Only rank 2 and 3 Scavengers have been observed in the field.
  • If the Security Captain manages to kill a scavenger, they will gain crafting materials when looting.

" Use the saw launcher to get an angle on anyone using cover. Perfect against those shielded fuckers too."

Grace Armstrong

Brawlers use shields and baseball bats in combat. Brawlers are delusional and unyielding personalities who take sadistic pleasure in their work. Many fight in the Bonecrusher Pit, or spend their spare time working out.

Strategic Data

  • Highwaymen Brawlers are close range units that disregard using coventional weapons and instead use shields and bats.
  • Armour piercing bullets, or Wrath with a high level melee weapon, can easily destroy shields.
  • Leg shots can slow brawlers down considerably, but a headshot is preferable when possible.

" Use a sniper rifle for these guys. Those shotguns do more damage at close range than cheap vodka, even though it's been 17 years."

Kim Rye

Berserkers use shotguns and are deadly at close range, but much less at a distance. They fight for fun and want to die doing what they love.

Strategic Data

  • The Highwaymen Berserker is a close range unit that disregards cover in order to gain a better shot at the cost of their own safety.
  • Long range is preferable, or weapons that can kill them in one shot such as a high level saw launcher.
  • Berserkers are fairly common, especially in vehicle patrols or convoy escorts.
  • Level II and III Berserkers are capable of throwing Molotov cocktails to disorient opponents.

"Sometimes you don't even see them. One time I was with a friend in co-op and we stumbled into a highwaymen patrol. We cleaned them up, but then he got shot from nowhere. Turned out a sniper had been using a road sign as a watchtower and we hadn't even seen them."

Unknown player

Snipers are ruthless, discrete and lethal. Despite this, they panic in close combat and will flee when their enemies get too close. They train daily and keep a scoreboard of kills, assigning points on difficulty.

Strategic Data

  • The Highwaymen Sniper archetype keeps their distance while taking shots from long range.
  • They are lethal from long distances, but powerless in close quarters.
  • Cover and smoke grenades are a good way to keep their sightlines blocked.

"The Highwaymen are crazy bastards. Those dogs they keep? They could easily tear your throat out, or their owner's. Which genius thought keeping that kind of crazy around was a good idea?"

Unknown Player

Attack dogs are vicious dogs kept by the highwaymen as pets. They are extremely aggressive and not to be understimated.

Strategic Data

  • Highwaymen Dogs use close range attacks to stop opponents from moving.
  • Highwyamen dogs cannot be taken down via stealth, so a bow or supressed pistol is recommended.
  • Level III dogs will have suicide vests attached to their bodies.

"Oh, sure. Call it suicidal. Deride it for being expensive (fuel is). But whatever you do, don't discount or ignore it. Someone delivering a load of burning fuel to your face will screw up your day, no matter how bad-ass you think you are."

Unknown Player

Highwaymen flamers are arrogant and ruthless, and despise using cover. Flamers have a short life expectancy, and want to take out everyone in their way.

Strategic Data

  • Highwaymen Flamers engage at close range, using their flamethrowers to set almost everything on fire.
  • These Highwaymen are rare, but extremely dangerous.
  • Long range is preferable when dealing with Flamers, as their flamethrowers are next to useless at long range.
  • Their fuel tanks are also a large target and don't react well to gunfire.
  • Target these to create a large explosion, killing everyone within about 3 metres.
  • Flamer (See here for images).

"I was out near the Bullet Farm about 3 months back, and one of these assholes pinned me down. Ended up just bailing, 'cause I couldn't get close. I don't like these guys, and I like their weapons less."

Unknown player

Gunners are armed with LMGs and try to overwhelm their enemies with persistent fire. Away from the fight, they are responsible for keeping order inside Highwaymen strongholds.

Strategic Data

  • Highwaymen Gunners relentlessly moves towards enemies, fearless behind a curtain of LMG bullets.
  • Stealth is recommended to take out gunners, as they can easily kill new players with their LMGs.

"I really, really hate these guys. I had this fuel supply truck and I'd almost gotten it home, when one of these pinheads spotted me and let rip. Where did they learn how to make RPGs?"

Unknown Player

RPGs are reckless and unreliable individuals who use RPGs in combat. Many are trained in ambush tactics, however it's not uncommon for their spare warheads to explode without warning.

Strategic Data

  • The Highwaymen RPGs use RPGs to destroy vehicles and emplacements to prevent any others from using them.
  • They are aboslutely lethal to vehicles, and can look like Berserkers or Scavengers from range, so be wary if there is an RPG operating in the area.
  • Rarely found, they are typically seen in Highwaymen strongholds or outposts, or rarely patrolling in vehicles.
  • Level IIIs can deploy proximity explosives to stop flanking attacks

"If you see these guys, you know you're in trouble. You see these guys protecting Highwaymen bigwigs, or securing heavily-fortified control points. Don't mess with these guys unless you're sure you can take them down."

Unknown Player

Enforcers are the Highwaymen Elite, tasked with securing objectives key to the Highwaymen stranglehold on Hope county. They are heavily armed and armoured.

Strategic Data

  • Highwaymen Enforcers are the elite troops, effectively using cover and using their superior armament to their advantages.
  • They can only be taken down with the master takedown skill, or with a level 3 weapon (Converted AK is a good choice).
  • Typically seen at level 3 control points, or as reinforcements for level 2 control points.
  • They use multiple weapons, but seem to prefer AR-C/RPG, or M133/SVD.


  • Mickey - Highwaymen co-leader (killed by The Security Captain, or is spared and leaves Hope County in search of her mother, effectively resigning as a leader of the Highwaymen).
  • Lou - Highwaymen co-leader (killed by the Security Captain).
  • Vince - Former Highwaymen leader and founder (murdered and usurped by the Twins).
  • Gina Guerra - Former Highwayman.
  • Irwin Smalls - Fighting manager and self-proclaimed right-hand man of the Twins who fell into their debt and wants them dead to solve it.
  • Frank - Prison Warden in the former Hope County Jail.


Top: Lou's vest; Middle: early Masonic rendition of the Eye of Providence; Bottom: one style of the Hamsa amulet.

The Highwaymen's symbol is the crude drawing of an eye surrounded with outward lines. It can be found abundantly painted, sprayed or drawn in graffiti in whatever locations they reside.

The reason for this choice remains unknown.

The symbology regarding the eye is ancient. In the Highwaymen's case, two instances could have inspired its rendition:

  • The Eye of Providence, also known as the All-Seeing Eye, features a centred eye, with surrounding "glory", or outward rays. However, it usually features a triangle that is lacking in the Highwaymen's case. An image in Christian iconography, it represents Divine Providence (the intervention of God on Earth).
  • A Hamsa amulet often features an eye at the centre of its palm, and sometimes the eye is surrounded by outward lines. One of its most popular uses is the warding off of the evil eye. If this is the case, the Highwaymen's choice reveals a pervading superstition, grounded in a symbol that predates the fall of the bombs.

Some units in the RTS game Warcraft 3 have the True Sight ability; its symbol resembles the said eye.

They also have graffiti design in black and white, featuring not only the eye design but also some other random symbolism. The graffiti design is also featured in exclusive official wallpapers.


  • Unlike Pirates, the Royal Army, and other enemy factions in the Far Cry series, taking over all Highwaymen strongholds doesn't decrease their spawn rate throughout the map.
  • Their clothing has Kōsokudōro コーソクドーロ letters, they mean highway in Japanese. However, it does not mean highwayman and how they get their own brand of clothing in the post-apocalyptic world is unclear.