Holland Valley is a region of Hope County in Far Cry 5John Seed presides over this region, where he terrorizes the town of Fall's End among others. The local resistance is weakest in this region, as they aren't as organized as the Whitetails or the Cougars.



Side Missions

  1. Bear Necessities
  2. Patriot Acts
  3. Valley Armed Convoy
  4. The Judge Moose
  5. Uncrate
  6. Free Larry
  7. The Hero's Journey
  8. Close Encounters
  9. Out Of This World
  10. What They Carried
  11. Cow Punching
  12. Exodus
  13. Water Works
  14. Special Delivery
  15. Testy Festy
  16. Prairie Oyster Harvest
  17. Light Em Up
  18. Golden Age Nostalgia
  19. Baptism of Fire (Clutch Nixon Challenge)
  20. Spray and Pray (Clutch Nixon Challenge)
  21. Hit the Gas

Prepper Stashes

  1. Deep Dive
  2. DIY and DOA
  3. Dumpster Diving (Grapple perk required)
  4. Fire in the Hole
  5. Foxhole
  6. High Tension
  7. Long Range Lockpick
  8. Man Cave
  9. Playing With Fire
  10. Swingers (Grapple perk required)
  11. Vespiary

John's tranmissions

Every time Resistance Meter fills up, John will speak to Deputy through radio calls, and sending more cultists, include the aerial units to fight Resistance, even capture Deputy.

  • "Brothers and Sisters... Someone out there is not playing by the rules. Someone is taking from us. Stealing what rightfully belongs to The Father. They are a murderer and a coward. But God sees them... and God will guide us to them. They will be found and they will be punished. This is the will of The Father."
  • "Sin is pervasive. It drives us to do unspeakable acts. I know the feelings that drive you. I know them... intimately. But I can help you, Deputy. I can wash away these sins. I can Cleanse your soul. It will be difficult and it will be painful, but... it will be worth it. My people will come for you. They will bring you to me. Don't fight it. Because the harder you resist, well... the harder we'll have to scrub your soul."
  • "When this little uprising is over, you will rebuilt that sing piece, by piece. You'll work till your fingers are worned to the bone, and when you're done, I'll bury you beneath it.."
  • "Pastor Jerome is selfish and misguided. And if he were a true man of God, his people wouldn't have left him in the first place. You. Deputy, will still Confess your sins. Because this is the will of The Father."
  • "So. You've taken my home in the name of your little "Resistance". Ah. If those walls could talk... well, more accurately scream... Just know that I will get it back - sooner or later. And when I do, maybe I'll hang your skin as a trophy above the mantle."
  • "Deputy... you've had your fun. But all sinners must Confess. This is the will of The Father. My men are coming for you. I'll see you soon."
  • "Your soul is poisoned, diseased, riddled with cancer... and it must be cut out. But you refused my help. You refuse to Yes. So, until you do... every pain you inflict on this Project will be visited a thousand times on your friends. And I'm not sure how much more Hudson here can endure... Choose your next actions wisely, Deputy."
  • "Atonement is the final step before fully accepting The Word of The Father into your heart. Our sins -- having been finally exposed -- can now finally be removed... freeing our souls and opening our hearts. Now, the pain of Atonement is measured by the severity of the sin... and thanks to your Deputy, the sins of this Resistance are indeed... severe. You will all Atone for what the Deputy has done. You will all welcome The Word of The Father into your hearts. You will all say Yes..."


  • When respawning, fast travelling in or to Holland Valley, a cutout of "Oh John (Reinterpretation)" is playing as loading theme, which indicates that it is John's territory. It is also the only of the territories where the loading theme is a song dedicated to the Herald.
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