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Homeland 37
Homeland 37
Damage Low – High (depending on how many pellets connect)
Magazine Size 6
Maximum Ammunition 6+66 or 6+? with shotgun bandolier upgrade
Price 4 Diamond Diamonds
Reliability upgrade 1 Diamond Diamonds
Accuracy upgrade 1 Diamond Diamonds
Ammunition upgrade 10 Diamond Diamonds
Homeland 37
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The Homeland 37 is a primary weapon in Far Cry 2.


The Homeland 37 is the average, 12 Gauge, pump-action shotgun. It appears to be based on the Ithaca 37 shotgun with the addition of an ejection port on the side. Also, it seems to be based on the "Deerslayer" model, bearing a longer, ribbed barrel and different pump.


The Homeland 37 is available during the tutorial mission. The weapon is also one of the first that can be purchased from the weapon shop and can be found in the hands of enemies all the way into the beginning of Act 2.


The Homeland 37 is a fine weapon for those who like close-quarters fighting at the start of the game. However, its pump-action makes it difficult to use when facing more than two targets at one time, as standing in the open while working the action makes one vulnerable and practically unarmed. When facing more than two enemies, try to lure out targets one at a time.

This shotgun, when paired with the Accuracy Upgrade, becomes surprisingly effective at mid-range encounters when a clear shot is available, but having a longer range gun is highly advised for accurate mid-to-long range shots.

It takes a very long time for this shotgun to begin rusting, which makes it good for long trips. The player can trust the weapon for one or two missions, before it starts to jam and eventually break.


  • Unlike it's real-world counterpart, the Homeland 37 has the ejection port on the side of the reciever.