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Events of Far Cry 5

The Hope County Jail is the main resistance stronghold in the Henbane River region. Here, Virgil Minkler leads the Hope County Cougars, the local baseball team turned militia. 

The Deputy first shows up to the jail to purge incoming cult forces. Afterward, Virgil bestows the Deputy with a cougar button. The Hope County Jail is taken once more when Faith manipulates Marshal Burke to shoot and kill Virgil. After that, the Marshal opens the gates of the jail to the cult, where they kill many and take few, including Tracey. Once the Deputy clears out the cult, the jail continues to serve as a safe haven for the wounded and to resistance fighters.

Events of Far Cry New Dawn

17 years later, the Highwaymen had turned the prison in to a bullet factory, kidnapping natives to manufacture ammo for the highwaymen.

Hope County Jail survived the worst of the bombs, with it still keeping its original purpose as an ordinary prison, but the cell blocks are no longer in use. The prisoners would be captured Hope County survivors while the guards were highwaymen. 


  • Frank (Highwaymen Second-In-Command and Chief of Bulletfactory in Far Cry New Dawn)


  • Straight through the front door, there is a vendor.
  • Each mission giver in the building has their own room.
  • Hope County Cougars banner on the outside of the building.
  • Virgil Minkler's grave (post-death).


  • Note for Tracey - A note by Faith Seed
  • Note for Virgil - A note by Ethan Minkler
  • Vet's Notepad - A note by Dr. Charles Lindsey


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