Uniforms of the Hope County Sheriff's Department, male and female

Hope County Sheriff's Department is a law enforcement agency that serves Hope County, Montana. Earl Whitehorse is the elected County Sheriff, overseeing the administration of both the local police force and the Hope County Jail. The Department also maintains a regular relationship with the Rangers of the Montana Bureau of Land Management.


The small Sheriff's Department is only known to have 7 employees, including the Sheriff himself.

  • Danny: Deputy Hudson's old partner before the events of Far Cry 5


  • It is unknown what happened to any remaining officers once the Project took over Hope County since none of them appear except Sheriff Whitehorse, Pratt, Hudson, and the Deputy. However, judging from Nancy's betrayal and Joseph's request to "kill all those who stand in our way", the Project likely killed all remaining officers within Hope County.
  • It is possible that some other members of the Sheriff's Department were also covert members of the Project.
  • It is unclear where the Sheriff's office was located in the game, but a single line in Far Cry Absolution ("...she’s been stirring up the pot back in town, trying to get the sheriff to look into all of us.") suggests that it was in Fall's End (probably one of the two burnt down buildings.)
  • Due to the events of Far Cry New Dawn taking place after the Resist ending, the Junior Deputy (now The Judge) is the only surviving member of the Sheriff's Department.
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