Horatio is a mutated boar and Fang for Hire in Far Cry New Dawn.


Horatio is the prized boar of Elsinore Farm, who loves a good fight and a good scratch behind the ears. His family loves him and tries to keep him hidden from the Highwaymen, who are always looking for a new beast to eat.

Far Cry New Dawn

The Highwaymen killed Horatio's family and locked him in a shed. Six Highwaymen were gored by Horatio before they could subdue the boar. The Highwaymen planned to keep Horatio locked up until their truck arrived to transport him. After which, the Highwaymen planned to cook and serve Horatio at the next Highwaymen derby. The Security Captain took out Horatio's guards and liberated him before the Highwaymen's plans could come to fruition however. After mourning his murdered family, Horatio becomes the Captain's Fang for hire.