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« Wendell Redler is more than just a Hope County resident, he’s a veteran soldier of the Vietnam War. Listen to him recount his glory days, as you travel back in time to war-torn Vietnam to take down Viet Cong. Trapped behind enemy lines, rescue your squad mates and evacuate to safety in the first war-based Far Cry. You must maneuver throughout this remote valley in Vietnam, and use survival instinct and stealth to save your team and get home. »

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Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness is the first of three DLC packs for Far Cry 5. It was released on the 5 June 2018 worldwide for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

This pack involves traveling back in time to Vietnam, to fight against the Viet Cong as Wendell Redler.[2] Players can access the DLC through the Far Cry 5 main menu under Add-On Packs.

Gameplay Overview

Guns for Hire

Until a US Army POW is rescued, the player is on their own. Once they are rescued, they will help the player until they are killed or reach the extraction point with you. If they die, they stay dead and will no longer be accessable in the roster. All the more reason to take precautions. These Guns for Hire are relatively sturdy and are excellent sharpshooters so don't be afraid to utilize them. The Roster is limited to these three squad members. Having all three prior to reaching the extraction point is beneficial for the final escape scenario.


This DLC is very heavily stealth based. Players can earn Perk rewards for kills done in stealth. There are four perks total and player's risk losing them all at once, if they are spotted by the enemy. These perks, called Survival Instinct, can be easily regained by killing through continued stealth gameplay.

  • Adrenaline Perk - Allows players to move faster in crouch and auto-tags enemies within 10 meters.
  • Ghost Perk - Reduces the noise players make when walking, sprinting and landing. Fall damage is reduced.
  • Sixth Sense Perk - Automatically tags enemies about to detect the player. Also makes predators less inclined to attack the player. (Consider using bait to attract animals while this perk is active)
  • Predator Perk - Allows the player to tag enemies through walls using the binoculars. Extends auto-tagging to 20 meters.
FC5 Hours of Darkness - Survival Instinct Perk System.png

Weapons and Combat

Players of FC5 will already be familiar with the weapon wheel. There is no sub-wheel as there is no crafting other than the medkit, which is automatic, and no fishing or other activities. In normal mode, players will have immediate access to three of the four ranged weapon slots. Melee and equipment slots do not share this limitation.

There is no mechanism to purchase or upgrade weapons. They must either be found in the game world or looted from corpses. Ranged weapons are listed below along with their static locations within the game world. Weapons will respawn at these locations after being picked up.

Weapon Site
1911 Pistol (Supressed) (Plantation Bunker)
308 Carbine Scoped Rifle (Prison Camp), (Waterside Hut)
308 Carbine Scoped Rifle (Supressed) (Burned Out Village), (Fishing Village)
44 Magnum Handgun (Abandoned Settlement), (Crocodile Beach), (Unmarked ammo cache near the midpoint of an imaginary line between Farming Village and Church Gun), (Unmarked ammo cache 150m due west of Mountain Plateau Village)
AK-47 Assault Rifle (Prison Camp), (Ghost Village Camp), (Plantation House), (Plantation Bunker)
AK-47 Assault Rifle (Supressed) (Sentry Bridge)
Flamethrower (Rice Paddy), (Fishing Village), (East Sector Bunker)
M133 Shotgun (Plantation Bunker), (Prison Camp), (Plantation House)
M60 LMG (Unmarked ammo cache around 2/3 of the way along an imaginary line connecting Fishing Village and Temple Gun), (Unmarked ammo cache near midpoint between Mountain Plateau Village and Firebase Echo Extraction Point on the north side of the river)
M79 Grenade Launcher (Unmarked ammo cache near midpoint of an imaginary line connecting Ghost Village Camp and Crocodile Beach, on the NW side of the river, in a gully, below an escarpment.)
MK16 Assault Rifle (Ghost Village Camp)
MK16 Assault Rifle (Supressed) (Boulder Bridge)
MP40 SMG (Plantation House) (Prison Camp)
MP40 SMG (Supressed) (East River Bunker)
Recurve Bow (Burned Out Village), (East Sector Bunker), (Farming Village), (Plantation Bunker), (Prison Camp), (Propaganda Speaker North of River Warehouse), (Propaganda Speaker West of Farming Village), (River Fork Bunker), (Temple Gun), (West Valley Camp)
MS16 Rifle (Crashed Pilot Near Prison Camp)
MS16 Rifle (Supressed) (Unmarked dock on east side of island containing propaganda speaker below Crocodile Beach.)
Skorpion SMG (Supressed) (Cong Song Temple)
SVD Sniper Rifle (Prison Camp)
SVD Sniper Rifle (Supressed) (Rice Paddy), (River Fork Bunker)

In addition to ranged weapons, there are throwable weapons including knives, fragmentation grenades, dynamite, smoke grenades and molotov cocktails. Static explosives include proximity and remote. The only melee weapon is a bamboo stick.

Most items for survival including ammo will be found in the outposts, camps, or on corpses. Collecting three plants will auto-create a medkit. There is only one plant that can be collected and they can be easily overlooked considering everything in the game is green. There are no stores in the game, but supplies are pretty easy to come by. Even small camps will generally have supplies.

Killing animals (doesn't seem to be any shortage of goats) will provide the player will bait that can be used to attract predators. This can be useful to use the local jungle cats to distract enemies. Some of the camps will have a cat in a cage. It's best to let them loose from a distance using an arrow as they will attack the closest person. If players want to utilize the cat but are in the same proximity as the enemy, try tossing bait into the middle of the group as soon as the cat is loose. The cat will turn its attention to the meat, then anyone close to it.


The map the DLC takes place on is about one-third of the size of the original map. The players are tasked with going from the western side of the jungle to the east. It is a vast area with many small villages and buildings, including bunkers and underground hideouts, mountains and rivers. There is also an area striked with Agent Orange in the central part from the south, a powerful chemical weapon used by the US Army in Vietnam War that looks like an orange mist. Should the player walk into it, and they are going to immediately find their character choking as the screen turns orange.

The time of the day changes from the night to the morning as the players progress. There are vehicles in the eastern half of the map which would help them progress further, while the western part requires the player to make their way to the east on foot. The density of the military outposts and buildings is going to raise as the player comes closer to their objective. The distance they have to overcome is about 4 km (2.5 miles) long.


  • Action Movie Mode - More or less an 'easy' mode. Features more explosions and a larger inventory.
  • Survival Mode - Players will have less health and a smaller inventory. Unlocked after normal mode is completed.


Main Mission

NVA Camps

Rescue POWS

There are US Army prisoners to rescue - Joker, Moses, and Yokel. There are also multiple South Vietnam prisoners in various locations to liberate. Rescue all three US Army and five SV POW's to complete the challenge requirements. Cowboy's teammates will stay and help fight until they are unassigned in the Roster menu or killed. The Vietnamese rescues may offer information, or simply run away.

Destroy AA Guns

Any time players are near a location with an active AA gun, Airstrike will become locked out. Use explosive (often located nearby) to blow up the gun. Destroying an AA gun will reward the player with 3 airstrike tokens (max is 5).

There are two final guns to take out, but they are linked to the Escape mission once players reach the extraction point. They are just north of that point.

Kill NVA Commanders

Kill NVA Commanders involves hunting down the 4 NVA comanders around the map. They will be located in area's similair to outposts. Often surronded by other NVA troopers it is best to toss a rock and seperate them. Frontal assault is not advised!

Other mission/items





  • Although originally billed as the second DLC planned for the first season of Far Cry 5, in a news post from 24 May 2018, it was revealed that Dead Living Zombies had been pushed to an August release, while Hours of Darkness and Lost On Mars had been pushed up.[3]
  • Owing to the lack of many US army allies and inexperienced fighter of South Vietnamese in the jungle up North Vietnam territory (possibly just up the mountain and forest near Khe Sanh base), this year was more likely set in 1967 before president Lyndon B. Johnson resignation in 1968.