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The Hovercraft is a vehicle in Far Cry 4 that can travel both on land and water. It is notoriously hard to find in game.

The Hovercraft often spawns at road intersections and near water bodies, although it is a rare occurrence. It has a top speed close to the autogyro, but is not very maneuverable. It can traverse both land and water. The bottom of the Hovercraft inflates upon start-up and deflates when shutting down. Because of this, it cannot be left on water when exiting, or it will sink.

The Hovercraft is the vehicle of the "Kyrati Films : Racing" mission in the Royal Guard Kennels outpost, in Northern Kyrat. In some cases, this mission is the only way to drive the Hovercraft.

Note: After you complete the game the Hovercraft may not be available anymore.


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