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Hunter Bow
HunterBow Shop
Category Bow
Ammunition Arrows
Magazine size 1
Attachment slots 0
Supported attachments No

The Hunter Bow is a weapon that appears in Far Cry 4.

The Hunter Bow doesn't have any attachments, so it should be used in close quarters combat only and should be replaced by the Recurve Bow (which is able to have the "Red Dot" and "Marksman" sight attachments) as early as possible. The Hunters bow is still able to kill a standard enemy in one hit.

The Hunter Bow also has different normal arrows than the Recurve Bow when used by the Player. They are traditional-looking wooden arrows with yellow and dark brown spiral wrap flu flu style fletchings and a two-blade broadhead. Where as the Recurve Bow's normal arrows are aluminum arrows with blue parabolic cut fletchings and a modern three-blade broadhead. Fire and Explosive arrows however, remain the same between both bows.

Strangely, when standard Hunters shoot NPCs with the Hunter Bow and normal arrows they appear as the aluminum arrows shot from the Recurve Bow. When Ajay is hit with any arrows at all and the player uses basic healing, Ajay pulls out of his arm and simultaneously breaks a wooden arrow that looks like a re-skinned model of the aluminum arrows shot from the Recurve Bow.

All while enemy Hunters have entirely different looking arrows in their back quivers (normal Hunters have darker wood arrows with red flu flu shaped fletchings. Royal Guard Hunters have what look like carbon arrows with red and black parabolic cut fletchings)

The Hunter Bow is used by Royal Army Hunters in Pagan Min's Royal Army in his new incarnation of the Rakshasa. This version allows for the use of "Blink" arrows that allow the user to teleport to the location of the target after firing, and "Swarm" arrows that fire swarms of bees at the foes.

In a scene early on in the game, Amita is shown teaching Bhadra how to use a Hunter Bow. However, she goofs off and swings it around while Amita is talking with Ajay.


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