Hurk's Redemption
FC4 Hurk promo.jpg
Developer(s) Ubisoft
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC
Media Digital
Engine(s) Dunia Engine 2 (Modified)
Protagonist Ajay Ghale
Hurk (Allie)
Mode(s) Single-Player
Genre(s) Action-Adventure

Hurk's Redemption is a DLC pack in Far Cry 4. It comes free with a pre-order of Far Cry 4.

The pack includes 5 bonus missions, 3 featuring Hurk himself, as well a Harpoon gun. The other 2 is special mission, The Blood Ruby and The Yak's Farm.

Hurk's Redemption

In DLC Hurk's Redemption, Hurk contacts Ajay saying he regrets sending monkeys to their explosive deaths and wants redemption. He tasks Ajay with finding a monkey statue in the mountains. Hurk tells Ajay that the Royal Army was after them and the statue. Ajay finds the statue, and Hurk says there are 2 more statues hidden away. Later, Hurk contacts Ajay and says he was captured by the Royal army. Ajay saves Hurk and takes the monkey statue, after which they start to become friends. In the Third Mission, It is revealed that Hurk is captured again, and in order to save him and the statue, Ajay should enter into a truck in movement, and kill the driver while maintaining a minimum speed for the truck not to blow up. All of which while Hurk is searching for the statue inside the truck. Once found, they both jump out and regroup. Hurk says Ajay is "The Best Tat Bro Ever." Ajay is apparently the third person to earn the title after Jason and "Jack", possibly referring to Jack Carver, the protagonist of the original Far Cry.

The Blood Ruby

The Royal Army is looking for the Blood Ruby, a Kyrati antique. Ajay is tasked with going to the Himalayas and saving the ruby from the Royal Army.

The Yak's Farm

A farm with a large stock of weapons that the Golden Path uses is being attacked by the Royal Guard. Ajay goes to the Himalayas to defend the farm.


  • The Harpoon Gun is available in the signature weapons list after completing all 3 Hurk's missions.
  • If the player has purchased the Season Pass, the DLC Hurk's Redemption will come with an exclusive new mission, The Syringe Misson in the Himalayas.
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