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Hurk Drubman Jr. is a character who appears in Far Cry 3 (non-playable character), Far Cry 4 (playable character only for co-op), and in Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn (Guns For Hire). He is American, but according to Willis he "couldn't name the last two Presidents, and doesn't even know the words to The Star Spangled Banner".

Far Cry 3[]

« Vaya con dios, little buddy. »

Hurk to his monkey Coco

He only appears in the game through the exclusive downloadable content Monkey Business in which Jason helps Hurk through four missions. In Far Cry 3, Hurk seems to live on a barge named "Big Sally". He seems quite interested in the Rakyat, stating that he wants to get inked up and that he thinks Citra is a "MILF, Malaysian I'd Like To Fuck!".

Hurk is first found trying to use a monkey strapped with explosives to blow something up, attempting to justify his actions stating that the Navy did the same to dolphins and Russians did it with dogs in World War II. He detonates the bomb, yet the monkey survives because it took the vest off. Hurk then asks Jason to collect some diamonds from hostile pirates. Once in the temple, it is possible to recover Bubbles III and Snowflake II, the two monkeys previously sent before Coco. Much later, he appears on the smaller island, held captive by Hoyt Volker's Privateers, and after being rescued by Jason, the two of them set off down the river on Hurk's barge, Big Sally, while Jason defends them with the mounted gun. His final appearance has him sending Jason into an abandoned Japanese Submarine Pen that the Privateers are using as a supply depot. Jason sneaks inside through an underwater pipe after dodging sharks, plants C4 on the main support pillars, and then fights his way back out before the timer goes, destroying the depot and putting a big cramp on Hoyt's operation. Hurk then tells Jason that the Rakyat have agreed to give him the tattoos he desires, and that he and Jason will always be true "Tat brothers".

Letters of the Lost[]

Hurk is also the author of four "Letters of the Lost", his being the only ones not written by Japanese soldiers stationed on the island during World War II. In the first letter, he states that he had run out of paper, and so took a dead Japanese soldier's letter and wrote his own message over the now-faded original text. He apparently then left his messages with the bodies of their former authors, to be discovered by passers-by at a later date.

In all four letters, he talks about a runaway monkey by the name of Gilbert, who likes to "blow shit up with grenades now that I taught him how to pull the pin". Gilbert runs away with a pack of monkeys and apparently attempts to teach his fellow primates how to use grenades themselves. In his third letter, Hurk talks about Lacy Barnstrom, a girl he had a crush on in high school, and how she is currently a porn star.

Far Cry 4[]

« We don't talk about Jumbo I, no not ever! I just hope he’s in a better circus now. »

Hurk to Ajay Ghale

« An American buffoon whose fetish for the elephants has led him to enter our lands illegally. This barbarian has sided with the cursed Golden Path and should be considered armed and dangerously stupid. »

King Min's Kyrat

Hurk returns in the Far Cry 4 DLC Hurk's Redemption. The DLC features three exclusive single player missions. The Harpoon Gun can be unlocked after the third and last mission is finished. Hurk is also a playable character in Far Cry 4's Co-Op mode, "Guns For Hire".

In Hurk's Redemption, Hurk contacts Ajay, saying he has regrets for sending monkeys to their explosive doom and wants to redeem himself. He asks Ajay to find a monkey statue in the Himalayas for him, as he cannot himself, before the Royal Army find it. Ajay succeeds in doing so and returns to Hurk, who informs him that there are two more monkey statues in Kyrat and that he'll call him when he needs help. Later in the game, Hurk gets captured by the Royal Army during an attempt to free a locked up elephant. Ajay rescues Hurk and they begin to ride the elephant to the next monkey statue, fighting reinforcements along the way. They succeed again in stealing the next monkey statue and Hurk informs Ajay that he'll stay in touch. After freeing the North in the campaign, the final Hurk mission will unlock. Hurk stows away on a Royal Army cargo truck, having received information that the last monkey statue is in it. However, Hurk mistakenly activates a motion charge which will detonate when the truck makes a stop, requiring Ajay to hijack the truck and continue driving while Hurk looks for the last statue. After doing so, both jump out of the truck before it explodes. Hurk meets up with Ajay and thanks him for his help, stating that, despite the fact Ajay doesn't have any tattoos, Ajay is "The Best Tat Bro Ever" out of the three.

If examined very closely, one can see that Hurk is slightly more built than the last game, having lost some weight. It can be noted that he may have been in Kyrat longer than residents, for instance, Willis Huntley.

Far Cry 5[]

Hurk returns again in Far Cry 5 as a Guns for Hire, helping The Resistance fight against Joseph Seed and his cult.

Hurk Jr. was born two prongs short of a fork, raised on TV dinners and soap operas in the absence of his father (Hurk Sr.) and his mother (Adelaide), who ran the family’s small business. Hurk Jr. tried his hardest to figure things out on his own. Thirty-five years later, the dude can barely zip his own fly. When Hurk Jr.’s mother ran away with another man, his father decided to enter politics and moved to their homestead in the Whitetail Mountains.

Hurk Jr.’s response was to spend the next few years backpacking around the world, from Rook Island to Kyrat, but he eventually found his way back to Hope County. Now Hurk Jr. lives with his dad in a fortified compound, “enjoying” the old man’s company and the many guns and armored vehicles on the property.

Hurk believes in only three things: poundin' brews, rockin' it all the time, and givin’ praise to the Monkey King who will eventually bestow him with great fortune.

Where It All Began[]

Main article: Where It All Began If you choose the "Resist" ending, after the nuclear detonation in the distance, Hurk is last seen running away.

Lost on Mars[]

During Lost On Mars, Hurk helps Nick Rye deal with the threat of alien invasion. Hurk also loses his body and gets his mind transferred to a robot body and becomes the Brobot.

Far Cry New Dawn[]

Hurk survived the nuclear holocaust by living in a bunker in the company of his cousin Sharky, his mom Adelaide Drubman, her ex-husband Hurk Drubman Sr. and her current boyfriend, Xander Flynn. According to Sharky's diary, most of the time was spent partying and getting high, before the situation eventually escalated and Hurk Sr. left on day 820, stating he'd rather risk radiation than spend another day down there with them. After 3 years in the bunker, they eventually ran out of food, and while Adelaide and Xander went off towards Cuba, Hurk and Sharky decided to live their best Mad Max lives as Sharksidous Erectus and Hurkmungus.

At somepoint in 2030s Hurk has a son, Blade Drubman, with former Highwaymen enforcer Gina Guerra. Hurk and his cousin Sharky ran a distillery and became gentleman moonshiners; Sharky also co-parents Blade.

Hurk became hostile to the Highwaymen when they took away his distillery, his girlfriend, his car, and attempted to take his baby. Ever since then, Hurk has sought to reclaim what he has lost and get revenge on the Highwaymen. The Security Captain tracked Hurk to the entrance of a Highwaymen controlled railroad tunnel. After Hurk blows up the Highwaymen guards, Hurk recruits the Captain to be his wheelman as he liberates his machine gun mounted car -- The Gifthorse. Hurk explained his car was booby-trapped which is why the Highwaymen brought it to somewhere remote in order to defuse it. Although Hurk tried to disable the trap, he failed to disarm it when they turned on the car forcing the Captain to keep the car in motion in order to prevent setting off the car's bomb. The Captain drove Hurk's beat up old car through motorized Highwaymen and bison until Hurk grew so frustrated with the car's slow speed that he tells the Captain to just let the car explode. Hurk is delighted by their teamwork and offers to become the Captain's Guns for Hire as they continue their path of vengeance. He also offers to build another Gifthorse car for the Captain that he assures will be much faster than the original.

As a Guns for Hire, Hurk utilizes a Rusty RPG-7. He is leveled up by killing Highwaymen and gains additional abilities:

  • 0 Kills: Vehicle - Hurk arrives in an ATV
  • 15 Kills: Fast Hands - Hurk reloads faster
  • 40 Kills: Heat Seeker - RPGs will track air and land vehicles

Far Cry 6[]

Hurk does not appear in Far Cry 6, which makes it the first game since Hurk's first appearance in Far Cry 3 where he does not appear (if not counting Far Cry Primal). However, he sends Boomer to Yara along with a letter where he tells Boomer wasn't safe anymore in Hope County. Dani later on reads the letter and adopts Boomer, naming him Boom Boom.


Far Cry 3[]

Far Cry 4[]

Far Cry 5[]

Far Cry New Dawn[]


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Hurk Drubman, Jr./Quotes (Far Cry 4)


  • In his final appearance in Far Cry 3, Hurk claims that the Rakyat have agreed to "tat him up" and give him the Tatau, a magical sleeve tattoo that Jason wears on his left arm. It is left ambiguous in Far Cry 4 whether or not Hurk actually has traditional Rakyat tattoos on his arm, as his new outfit includes long sleeves. The picture of Hurk in Far Cry 5 as well in the game itself reveals that he doesn't have the tatau at all.
  • In the Valley of the Yetis DLC, Hurk has his own exclusive voice lines that can only be heard in Co-Op. He can initially answer Master Sandesh on the radio, converse with Ajay, and even make several comments about the Yetis.
    • Furthermore, two of these voice lines reveal that Hurk carries a lucky condom, and apparently seems to have a third testicle that has been inflicted with an unknown infection (although this may be a joke on Hurk's part).
  • Hurk mentions many oddities involving his early life, both in the lost letters, and his dialogue. Some of them being that he was homeschooled, his parents left him at the circus one year (and he somehow ended up riding an elephant), and that he had a crush on a girl in high school (who ended up being a porn star). The truth in these statements is questionable however.
  • Urki, a quest character with a similar headband and accent as Hurk's, appears in Far Cry Primal. It is later revealed that Hurk's family is descended from Urki.
  • Despite Hurk calling his signature Harpoon Gun "The Impaler", its name in trading posts is simply "Harpoon".
  • In Far Cry 4, Hurk says to Ajay that he put a radio in one of his monkeys, thus managing to talk to him despite being arrested.
  • In Hurk's introduction cutscene in Far Cry 4 he tells his driver "I do not understand what you are saying, I don't not speak your language." in a very demeaning tone to act cool in front of Ajay who's another "American". This could also allude to the fact that Hurk subconsciously thinks that there's a language barrier between him and the people of Kyrat despite everyone conversing in english, once again adding to his aloof character.
  • According to Hurk himself, he has three tat bros, claiming them to be Jack, Jason, and Ajay.
  • Hurk is one of two non-protagonist characters from the Far Cry series to appear in more than two games and the one with the most appearances (five appearances in total, six if Urki from Far Cry Primal is counted, and one mention), the other being Willis Huntley (three appearances and one mention).
  • Hurk is older than his cousin Sharky.
  • If Hurk and Sharky are chosen to be your Guns for Hire, they will have numerous funny conversations about their background. Sharky frequently makes fun of Hurk traveling around world (Rook Islands and Kyrat) for a non-existent Monkey God, which often annoys Hurk, who responds that he has more life experience than Sharky.
    • Another is when Sharky asks Hurk about if he ever thought of his mom shouting his name when she slept with Hurk Sr, to which Hurk replies that he thinks about that all the time. He then mentions wanting people to just call him Panther instead.
      • Sharky will also call Hurk Hurky in dialog.
  • Hurk will mention to Sharky how he wished the Sharky had been with him during his time abroad, to which Sharky assumes he missed hanging out with him, but Hurk further clarifies that it was because mosquitoes always liked attacking Sharky more than himself, and that if Sharky had been around, Hurk wouldn't have had to take "all that malaria medicine".
  • Hurk appears to believe that 'Cupid' is a depiction of Jesus Christ.
  • Hurk appears to have had several of his arm tattoos removed between Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 5, which could either mean he had them removed professionally, or they were actually temporary tattoos, such as Henna ink.
  • Hurk becomes a Guns for Hire in Far Cry 5 alongside his pyromaniac cousin Sharky Boshaw, his helicopter-piloting mother Adelaide Drubman, career sharpshooter Grace Armstrong, local aviator Nick Rye, and bow-wielding survivalist Jess Black.
  • In Far Cry 5, like the other Guns for Hire, when not on duty, he can be found at the 8-Bit Pizza Bar in the Henbane River region.
  • Hurk becomes a Guns for Hire again in Far Cry New Dawn alongside Nick Rye's daughter Carmina Rye, the wayward Pastor Jerome, the New Eden enforcer the Judge, the elderly but efficient sniper Nana, and his girlfriend and mother of his child, Gina Guerra.
  • In Far Cry New Dawn, like the other Guns for Hire, when not on duty, he can be found at Roughnecks Crag in the Holland Valley region.
  • Hurk is one of the few known survivors of the nuclear holocaust alongside Grace Armstrong, the Rye family, and Jerome Jeffries.
  • Hurk's dialogue in Lost On Mars states that Hurk is attracted to girls named Gina, citing examples such as Geena Davis, Gina Gershon, and Gina Carano. In Far Cry New Dawn, Hurk fell in love with former Highwaymen Gina Guerra.
  • If Hurk is injured in Far Cry New Dawn he will sometimes say "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good." in reference to Avengers: Infinity War.
  • In Far Cry 5, Hurk mentions that he has a tramp stamp.
  • In King Min’s Kyrat, it’s mentioned that Hurk is considered “armed and dangerously stupid”, which becomes his moniker in Far Cry 5 and New Dawn in the Guns For Hire menu.