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Hurk Drubman, Sr. is an ally (albeit, a self-serving one), and the father of Hurk Drubman, Jr. and ex-husband of Adelaide Drubman. He is very rude towards the Deputy at first, but later accepts them, but he is even more rude towards Hurk Jr., even to the point of blatant hostile disregard for his son's well-being and health. Hurk Sr. also aims to become a politician in Montana, going so far as the record numerous voicemails to many people in the county asking them to "Vote Hurk" for state senate.

Far Cry 5

The Prodigal Son

Main Article: The Prodigal Son

Upon meeting Hurk Sr. at the self-styled "Fort Drubman" in the Whitetail Mountains region of Hope County, the elder Drubman tasks the deputy and Hurk Jr. to get his truck back, an SUV he affectionately calls "Nancy" with a mounted M60 and "Vote Hurk" banners on it.

Make Hope Great Again

Main Article: Make Hope Great Again

His open hostility came to full bear when he found out that the Eden's Gate didn't want to, and were not going to vote for him, and he asked the deputy to help him win back his voters - or rather, "remove" those who refused to side with him from the voting pool.

Far Cry New Dawn

According to Sharky's diary that he left at Pyro's Hollow, Hurk Drubman Sr., Adelaide, Xander, Hurk, and Sharky took shelter in a prepper bunker. 820 days after the Collapse, Hurk Drubman Sr. had enough of Hurk's and Sharky's company and left the bunker, claiming that risking the radiation would be better than staying with them. His fate is unknown, but Hurk comments that he "heard a rumor" that Hurk Sr. died in Vancouver, "of radiation poisoning and surrounded by socialists," implying that he is deceased.

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  • Hurk Drubman, Sr. may be a reference to the President of the United States Donald Trump
    • Hurk Sr. makes note of how he will "Deport all Canadians" and "Build a wall to keep the Canadians out", which echoes similar remarks made by Donald Trump, but with the subject matter changed to Canadians instead of Mexicans.
    • His mission, Make Hope Great Again, is also a reference to Donald Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again"
  • In his campaign voicemail he pledges to build a 700ft ice wall on the Canadian border (regardless if physically or practically possible) he would not have the authority or jurisdiction to do so in the position of State Senator.
  • Hurk Sr. will make threatening comments towards Cheeseburger if you have him as a Fang For Hire.


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