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Damage Very High
Magazine Size ? (SP), ? (MP)
Maximum Ammunition 3-5
Price 10 Diamond Diamonds
The  Far Cry 2  Weapons
Melee Machete
(Homemade Machete · Primitive Machete)
Secondary Star .45 · Makarov · Silent Makarov 6P9 · Uzi · Eagle .50 · MAC-10 · M79 · IED · Flare Pistol · Craftsman Shotgun
Primary G3KA4 · AK-47 (Golden) · FAL · AR-16 · MP5 · Homeland 37 · SPAS-12 · USAS-12 · Silenced Shotgun · M1903 · SVD Dragunov · AS50 · MGL-140
Special PKM · M249 · RPG-7 · Carl Gustav · Dart Rifle · LPO-50 Flamethrower · Type 63 Mortar · Crossbow
Mounted Guns M2 .50 cal · M249 · Mk 19
Grenades M67 Grenade · Molotov

An IED is an Improvised Explosive Device, and is made of various explosives and detonators, and is one of the staple weapons of armed insurgency worldwide.


The IED is a very powerful explosive that has been modified to be remotely detonated. It is available after you complete the tutorial missions, and can be thrown onto the ground or planted onto a wall or vehicle. The amount of IEDs you can carry depends on the amount of grenades you have (for example, you start off with 3 grenades and IEDs on Normal, and after you purchase the grenadier webbing, it maxes out to 5 of each). There are three types of IEDs which resemble a modified landmine, a mortar shell, and a modified bundle of pipebombs. They all work as an explosive charge that can be detonated from the area you placed them. If you wish to place it elsewhere, you can pick up the IED for later use.

IEDs work well when used to destroy convoys, and because IEDs are available after the tutorial mission, they can be used until the better alternative, the RPG-7, is available. Another effective way to use these quickly, is to place one on a vehicle, and drive it to a target area (e.g. a guard post). Upon arrival, one can bail out as the vehicle enters the area, then detonate it. It will kill enemies around it, and is likely to spread fire, but more importantly it adds an element of surprise.

Although they become mostly obsolete once the RPG is unlocked, IED's still have some niche uses later in the game. If a player needs to destroy a target that is obscured from view at longer distances, (such as inside a building), IED's can be easily placed inside and used to destroy it. The RPG and other explosive weapons can't be used in confined spaces without the risk of the player injuring or killing themselves. If the player has difficulty hitting moving vehicles with the RPG, they can set an IED on the road and detonate it when the vehicle passes by.


  • Sometimes, when the player detonates the IED, it will blow up but not damage the intended target. For example, in a convoy mission, the IED can be detonated directly under the truck, but it will not destroy or even harm the truck.
  • Sometimes the blast is not seen, but the effect still destroys enemies.
  • In Multiplayer The IED can Kill anything including friendly teammates even if Friendly fire was off.