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Ignorance is Bliss is a main story mission in Far Cry 5. It takes place in Faith Seed's region of Henbane River. Once again, the deputy is overcome with Bliss and enters another one of Faith's visions.


You have to stop the Marshall from going through the gates. (It's not listed as a normal objective in the quest menu.)


This is the third encounter with Faith and begins after Sheriff Whitehorse has reminded the Junior Deputy to capture the Marshal if he is found.

In this encounter Faith is upset with the Deputy, saying their friends are ‘controlled by fear’ and don’t understand what they are doing. In an attempt to convince the deputy to join her, Faith gets the marshal Cameron Burke to speak to the Deputy during a boat ride. Burke says Faith knows about the plan to rescue him but says ‘he doesn’t want to go back’. He then monologues about how he has been thinking about how we are promised a perfect life and that instead it just leads to suffering. Stating he is done with his life and instead wants to remain in the Bliss as it gives him the only thing that truly matters: happiness.

The boat ride ends and Burke gets out, followed by the Deputy. Control is returned to the player as you see Burke moving towards the opened gates. A disembodied voice of the sherif can be heard saying ‘don’t trust the bliss, you need to grab the marshal’, with Faith crying out ‘leave him alone’. To pass the mission the deputy must get close enough to takedown the marshal, at which point another cutscene starts.

Back at the Jail, Tracey is restoring the Deputy before the Marshal starts to withdraw from the Bliss. The Sheriff attempts to restrain him and calls on Tracey to give him adrenaline. They are overpowered by Burke and he talks them down despite their, and Virgil’s, protests of coming of the Bliss too quickly. Burke assures them that he can and everyone stands down. Tracey, concerned over Faith’s control of Burke, angrily shouts to Whitehorse that Burke being there is a bad idea and that they don’t know Faith like she does, how she ‘gets inside your head’. She leaves, saying ‘don’t trust him’, followed by Virgil who attempts to talk to her. The Deputy then passes out.