Indoor Guard

Indoor Guards are a type of mercenary in Far Cry.

They are found in the more heavily guard areas of the islands, such as the Archives. Tasked mainly with keeping important areas secure, they are also responsible for keeping the Trigens under control.

Unlike soldiers confronted in the beginning of the game, Indoor Guards wear body armour and thus can take more damage than others. They either wear blue, khaki or black uniforms. Typically they will wear helmets with face protection, making headshots impossible without powerful weaponry. Some guards will also wield riot shields that can withstand gunfire easily. The best way to deal with these guards are grenades or sneaking around them to fire at their exposed backs.

Unlike blue and khaki uniformed soldiers, the elite soldiers are the toughest human opponents the player faces. Notable by their night vision helmets, they are able to absorb a lot of damage and unlike other indoor guards can throw grenades.


-While indoor guards are never seen using the AW50 sniper rifle (Except for the elite soldiers), the corpse of an indoor guard without face protection is seen with an AW50 sniper rifle next to him in a damaged elevator on the level Archives, there are no other weapons near him which leads to the conclusion he was using the Sniper rifle but was killed by trigens

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