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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

Island Port Hotel is the ninth mission of Far Cry 3.

Jason and Liza are taken to the abandoned Island Port Hotel by Vaas and his men, where they set the building on fire in an attempt to kill the pair. However, Jason wrangles free from his bonds and rescues his girlfriend. Together they escape Vaas's men in pursuit, and return to the cave under Dr. Earnhardt's Mansion.



  • Rescue Liza.
  • Protect the Truck


  • The fires inside the building do a great deal of damage to Jason if you simply run through them.  Shooting the cranks on the various water pipes you encounter on your way to Liza will cause water to spray out of the pipes and douse the fires, thus clearing a path to her.
  • Fireproof syringes will protect you from flame damage, allowing you to avoid taking the time to shoot the water pipes.


  • You can visit the Island Port Hotel at the coordinates (x:591, y:684).
  • Vaas puts a lighter in Jason's shirt which later saves him when Vaas tries shoot Jason but shoots the lighter instead.
  • A 1911 will replace your last used weapon when you finish the mission.
  • You can land a hang glider on top of the hotel but there is no roof access to the interior. There is no ground access either.
  • In Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity, the hotel was actually used to be a place for tourist, prostitute and Vaas to hangout but as time goes by the place will soon eventually abandoned and ruined due to Vaas ruthlessly rule the North Rook Island, plus the government went junta and dictatorship because Hoyt takeover the entire island especially the South Rook Island.