Jackhammer 1
Damage 20 per pellet,
100 if all pellets hit the target
Magazine Size 10
Maximum Ammunition 50
Reload Time 2.2 sec
Fire Mode Automatic
Ammunition 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell
Used by Rear Guard, Indoor Guard

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The Jackhammer is a fully-automatic shotgun available in Far Cry. It is first found in the beginning of the level Bunker (although ammunition for the weapon is available in the earlier Treehouse level).

The Jackhammer has excellent stopping power at close range and a high rate of fire, with a magazine capacity of ten rounds. It is arguably the best weapon in the game for close quarters combat (though the P90 comes a close second), and is most effective against unarmoured enemies (such as Trigens) and can kill most enemies in one shot. As would be expected with a shotgun, its effectiveness is limited to close range, and the Jackhammer is a poor choice for fighting out in the open.

Ammunition is uncommon throughout the game thus the player should it sparingly, especially at the last part of Volcano.

Far Cry Classic

In Far Cry Classic, the Jackhammer has been given a new model, featuring a sand camouflage pattern on the body. Like all non-scoped weapons in Far Cry Classic, it is now possible to use the weapon's iron sights for more accurate shooting.


  • The fact ammunition for the Jackhammer is available in the Treehouse level, significantly earlier than the weapon itself can be found, likely indicates that the shotgun was originally available earlier in the game. Presumably, it was removed until later during development, possibly to deny players such a powerful weapon so early on, but the offending shells in the Treehouse level were left in an oversight by the developer.
  • The real-life Pancor Jackhammer never entered full-scale production, with only two prototypes being constructed. Its development was halted by a number of factors, mostly that the fullauto prototypes required the magazines be manufactured to unachievably tight tolerances since grooves in the cassette were used to advance it. It was rare for a Jackhammer to be able to fire more than 2-3 rounds sequentially before failing to cycle . The real weapon also featured a unique feature whereby the cassette magazine could be removed, attached to a tripwire and used as a mine; when the wire was tripped, the magazine would fire all of the rounds it contained simultaneously.