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“The site of the superstitious and vulgar Tarun Matara ceremony where innocent young girls were taken from their families and paraded around by leering priests as so-called brides of the land. Let it serve as a reminder of the dark past from which Pagan Min protects you and your families.”
King Min's Kyrat
JalenduTemple view

Jalendu Temple's remains (If the player sides with Amita)

Jalendu Temple is a location within Kyrat in Far Cry 4.          

When Pagan Min decided to condemn the artifacts, he stored them at Jalendu. Mohan Ghale took the artifacts and ordered Darpan to split them and keep them away.

If the player selects Amita as the leader of the Golden Path, the temple will be destroyed, not only to liberate Kyrat from its conservative past but also to prevent Bhadra from becoming the next Tarun Matara, as the temple is where the ceremony takes place.

At the end of the game, if Sabal is selected as the leader of the Golden path instead, he will be featured in a secret scene at Jalendu Temple, where he begins to brutally execute all who followed Amita and Pagan in front of Bhadra, who has been selected as the next Tarun Matara, and according to Sabal, she must learn her duties.

In the DLC Escape From Durgesh Prison, there is a mission Eye for an Eye, where Ajay must kill some of Yuma's soldiers with a knife.


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