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Jeep Liberty
Seats 4
Speed Fast
Armour Factor High
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The Jeep Liberty is a drivable SUV in Far Cry 2.

The Jeep Liberty is a new-looking vehicle with few scratches or dents and a luxurious interior. The Liberty is fast, strong and heavy, and it maintains excellent handling both off-road and on.

A "bling" version—with gold wheels, grill and trim—can be acquired if the player chooses to kill King Nnyere at the Fort during the Act 1 mission involving the gold stash at the Oasis. This vehicle is unique and is provided by Prince Oeduard as a gift. However, one or two can sometimes be found at Private Property, on the lower road.

The Jeep Liberty is rare in Act I, however enemy mercenaries will drive them fairly frequently in Act II.


This is an infrequent vehicle in multiplayer, but it is very useful for transportation and running over enemies, because of its phenomenal armour factor. It is also important to note that there is a special version of this vehicle in multiplayer, called the Jeep Liberty (APR Only), which has a red paint job. UFLL players can not use this vehicle, so when playing on the UFLL side it is recommended to destroy it, even when not in use by the enemy.


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