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Pastor Jerome Jeffries is a Gulf War veteran and former gunnery sergeant who found religion, and has served as a Roman Catholic priest in Hope County for 15 years after the end of his military service. He met and became friends with Joseph Seed - the same man who would be his future enemy - as fellows in faith. Joseph convinced the pastor's flock to leave the church and follow his own, stealing the entire congregation, according to several characters in the game, such as John Seed. Jerome took it in stride until Eden's Gate locked down the entire county.

Jerome was beaten and left for dead. He survived, and vowed to protect the cult's intended victims from Joseph Seed who now calls himself "The Father".  He became a key figure in The Resistance in Fall's End, determined to take Hope County back.

Far Cry 5Edit

And I saw, and behold... a white horse!

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Main Article: Fall's End (Mission)

The town of Fall's End has been captured by the Peggies, and Jerome is held captive by them. The deputy rescues him, and he brings them to the Spread Eagle Bar to meet the proprieter, Mary May Fairgrave.

Main Article: The Cleansing

After the deputy has been captured by Jacob's Chosen, Jerome and the resistance will ambush the convoy as it snakes its way to John's Bunker.

Main Article: The Atonement

After the deputy disrupts John's operation to an extreme degree - as Dutch earlier advised, "burn his whole damn operation to the ground" - John "invites" the deputy to confess their sins at the church in Fall's End, as their friends have already been captured.

Main Article: Wrath

After the failure at the church to stop the deputy, Jerome tends to Nick's wounds, and Mary May helps the deputy catch up to the fleeing John Seed.

Main Article: Where It All Began

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At some point when the Junior Deputy attacks Joseph’s compound, Jerome and the Resistance members attacking the compound are affected by the Bliss, taking Sheriff Whitehorse, Deputy Pratt and Deputy Hudson hostage. Whether the Junior Deputy attacks Joseph and rescues Jerome, or walks away, Jerome’s fate is determined by this choice as he is either left under the control of Joseph and becomes a part of his "flock" and enters the church with him and the other controlled allies or he is seen running away from the nuclear blast seeing how he was on foot it is very unlikely he was able to escape to a bunker in time and was presumably incinerated in the explosions along with the rest of Hope County.

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  1. During the introduction cinematic, Jerome states, "I've lived here my whole life"
  2. Martin Roach - IMDB

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