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Joaquin Carbonell
Affiliation United Front for Liberation and Labour
Hair Slick black
Eyes Brown

Joaquin Carbonell is one of the three United Front for Liberation and Labour lieutenants in Far Cry 2. He was a member of Bastion UK sent in to Africa. On the ground, once contact had been established with the Authenticity rebels, Carbonell proved instrumental in coordinating Bastion mercenaries recruited from Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries, in particular the Argentinians, the Sao Tomeans, the Angolans, and the Moroccans. He fought extensively during the second civil war, prior to the collapse, and probably saw more action than any of the other upper echelon mercenaries in the current UFLL.

Act I

Carbonell can find you at the beginning of the game after having escaped the hotel in Pala. If so, he will awaken the player at Fresh Fish then offer the tutorial mission in the form of your first assignment.

Along with faction captain Leon Gakumba, Joaquin Carbonell is present at the UFLL headquarters to assign some faction missions.


Either after a call from Reuben Oluwagembi, or after the assassination of Addi Mbantuwe, he will meet the player at the Marina bar, or at the UFLL headquarters in Mosate Selao, respectively, and assign a mission to kill Anto Kankaras and Hector Voorhees, the other two UFLL lieutenants. You can complete his mission, allowing him to become the leader of the UFLL. Alternatively, you can kill just Voorhees or just Kankaras, the remaining one will ask you to turn the tables on Carbonell via sniping him on a rooftop while he's at the UFLL headquarters, or via walking right into Carbonell's office and shoot him. Even if you choose not to kill him, like all other potential faction leaders he is killed at the end of the game at the Jungle Bivouac.


  • At the end of the game, it is revealed that Carbonell intensely dislikes Voorhees, because "he is constantly making deals on the side," and "always working with that inbred Kankaras." Carbonell also says "To be honest with you(the player), I fucking hate that guy (Voorhees)."