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John's Gate, formerly the Black Horse Peak Launch Complex MT-68 is a location in the Holland Valley region of Far Cry 5. It was purchased by John Seed to build his gate in the Cult's envisioned version of the Garden of Eden.


  • Cultists


Notable loot

  • There are two cars hidden in Reaping Trucks in front of John's Gate, one backed up to the loading dock and another by the fence opening.


  • The Father's Word
  • Reaping Instructions (inaccessible after the bunker is destroyed)
  • Soul Demographics (inaccessible after the bunker is destroyed)



  • From time to time, the US Government sells abandoned/unused missile silos to private buyers.[1] In 2000 a certain William Leonard Pickard was arrested for conspiracy to manufacture and distribute LSD. Pickard set up his laboratory in a decommissioned missile silo. Later he claimed that "Expanding consciousness was the goal -- something that would benefit society." The case might have served as an inspiration for the game's main story line.[2]