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Joseph's Compound is a location on the island that constitutes Joseph's Region in Hope County in Far Cry 5. The whole compound is surrounded with high barbed-wired fences that block off all access to it until you have liberated the Whitetail Mountains, Holland Valley and Henbane River.




Notable loot

  • TBA


  • Instructions from The Father
  • The Reaping: Calming Hearts and Minds
  • The Reaping: Taking What is Needed



  • The names of the buildings are Latin and the Christian sins - invidia is envy, luxuria is lust, gula is gluttony, acedia is sloth, avaritia is greed.
  • A note reveals that the reason the compound is locked in the first place is because the repercussions of the botched arrest attempt on Joseph Seed have resulted in them abandoning the compound to begin "the reaping", and also to make it more difficult to stop them.
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