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The following is a selection of quotes by Joseph Seed.

Far Cry 5

“And I saw, behold it was a white horse... and hell followed with him.”
Loading screen

“Something is coming. You can feel it, can’t you? That we are creeping toward the edge… and there will be a reckoning. That is why we started The Project. Because we know what happens next. They will come. They will try to take from us. Take our guns, take our freedom. Take our faith. We will not let them. We will not let their greed, or their immorality, or their depravity hurt us anymore! There will be no more suffering!”
On the collapse

“There they are… the Locusts in our garden… You see they’ve come for me. They’ve come to take me away from you. They’ve come to destroy all that we’ve built! We knew this moment would come. We have prepared for it. Go. Go… God will not let them take me.”
During The Warrant

“I saw when the Lamb opened the First Seal, and I heard as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts say, come and see… and I saw, and behold it was a white horse… and Hell followed with him. God will not let you take me.”

“God is watching us… and He will judge you on what you choose in this moment…”
During Where It All Began

“Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone.”
Secret Ending

“Sometimes the best thing to do… is to walk away.”
Choosing to Walk Away in Where It All Began

“I told you that God wouldn’t let you take me.”
After the helicopter crash

“No one is coming to save you.”
After he tells Deputy Nancy to cut off contact with the outside world

“Everything is unfolding according to God’s plan. I am still here with you. The First Seal has been broken. The Collapse has begun. And we will take what we need. And we will preserve what we have. And we will kill all those who stand in our way. And these. The harbingers of doom will see the truth. BEGIN THE REAPING!”
After he leaves the helicopter

“Let them burn. This is God’s will. This is their punishment.”

“Do you mock the cleansing, John?"
", Joseph."
"Shhh... you have to love them, John. Do not let your sin prevent that. Bring that one to me."
(To the deputy) "Despite all that you have done, you are not beyond salvation. You’re not here by accident or by chance. You are here by the grace of God. You’ve been given a gift. Now it remains to be seen whether you choose to embrace it... or to cast it aside..."
(To John) "This one shall reach the atonement... or the Gates of Eden shall be shut to you John."”

Joseph and John, during The Cleansing

“A seal has been opened… my brother John was loved by few. Feared by many. Misunderstood by all… except me. John was not born a monster. He was just a child when our family was torn apart. He was loving. Kind. Full of joy… he was easily preyed upon. John was not perfect. Sometimes he was not even good. But he was my brother. And those responsible for his death will be punished. I promise you that.”
After completing The Quality of Mercy

“I know you are in pain. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh, huh? But you’re not the only one to be tested… did you know that I had a wife? (Shows his tattoo to the deputy) So beautiful, isn’t she? We were pregnant with our first child. And we were just babies ourselves, really. And I was terrified. On becoming a father. Mostly about money. She wasn’t worried. She had faith that things were going to work out. She always had faith… And then one day, she was going to go visit a friend. There was an accident… and the Lord taketh. And they rushed me to a hospital and put me in a room with this little pink bundle stuffed with tubes and had to be strong because my little girl was going to live. God was looking out for our daughter. And they left me in a, alone in a room with her. I just… stared… at my daughter. So helpless. So innocent… and all she had in the world was me. A nobody, from nowhere, with nothing. And in that moment I knew that God was testing me. He was laying out a path before me and all I had to do was choose. So I put my hand on my little girls head and I leaned in and I could smell. And we prayed together. Prayed for wisdom. Prayed for strength… then I knew. I heard God’s plan for me. And I took my fingers and I put them on that little plastic tube taped to her angelic face and I pinched it shut. And after a little while her legs began to kick and kick… then nothing… stillness. Release. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. Pain… sacrifice… these are all part of his test, and we have to prove that we can serve God no matter what he asks.”
To the deputy during We Must Be Strong

“My children, a seal has been opened… my brother Jacob was a fighter. He fought our parents. He fought the government. He fought me. But mostly, he fought himself… The demons that he brought home from the war consumed him. He thought that he was a weapon without a purpose. That he was a warrior without a legacy. But look around you. You are his legacy. All of you willing to protect our Family from The Collapse. To purge the sinful from our home. And you will, my children. You will purge the sinners from our home. Jacob’s death will not be in vain.”
After completing Only You

“You judge me. You judge us. The things that we have done… but people say… that I'm crazy, but when you wake up in the morning you look at the same news that I do. Do your eyes not fill with horror? This is the world?! This? This is the world we have built for our children? Communities being torn apart. Walls being erected. Because leaders are too impotent to act. Bullies are too addled to lead righteously. I did not ask for this. I was chosen. See, everything is coming to an end. You can feel that. I know you can… See, mankind is weak… and vulnerable. And we are hurtling towards our destruction and no one is willing to do anything about it. I can see that. You can see. And we are not crazy. So what are we supposed to do? We just sit back and await the inevitable? I don’t claim to be a perfect man, but I saw what was coming and I chose to act. To lead. Because society is broken and the only way forward… is to go back to the way things once were. Innocent and pure. So safe and protected… in our Garden. I can save you. But you have to have faith.”
During one of Faith's Bliss moments.

“A seal has been opened... My Faith... My Faith... She was not the first to carry that name. But she was the most devoted. She was like many of you when she came to me... Broken... Lost... I put my faith inside her. And she became angelic.... Perfect. And those sinners took her away from us. It is faith that holds us together. And without it... we are lost. So we must never lose faith. And those who try to harm us... will suffer.”
After completing Paradise Lost.

“Another seal has been opened. My family… my brothers… my sisters.. They’ve been taken from me! By a snake in the garden! I thought I knew God’s plan. But I was wrong. I was blind. But now I see. You took my family from me so that I could have yours. We will welcome them, with open arms… just as we will welcome you. We will be waiting for you where it all began.”
After killing all three heralds.

“"And when the Lamb broke the fifth seal, and I saw under the altar the souls of the Martyrs, slain because of the word of God…” You made Martyrs of my family… and I am prepared to do the same to yours. But God is watching us. And He will judge us on what we choose in this moment. I told you that we were living in a world on the brink. Where every slight… every injustice… where every choice reveals our sins. And where have those sins lead us? Where have those sins led you? Your friends have been taken and tortured, and it’s your fault. Countless people have been killed, and it is your fault. The world is on fire and it’s your fault. Was it worth it? Was it? When are you gonna realize that every problem cannot be solved with a bullet? When you first came here, I gave you the choice to walk away. You chose not to. In the face of God I am making you that offer one last time… Put down your guns. And you take your friends. You leave me my flock… and you go in peace. Remember… God is watching.”
During the choice segment of Where It All Began

“Every slight. Every injustice. Every choice reveals our SIN! John was wrong. Your sin is not wrath. You would rather watch the world suffer and burn than swallow your pride. “And the Lamb broke the sixth seal and lo, there was a great earthquake… The sun became black and the moon turned to blood…””
Resist Ending

“"Forgive them Father… they know not what they do…"
"When the Lamb opened the seventh seal… there was silence in Heaven… and the seven angels before God were given seven trumpets.. And there were noises, thundering's, lightning's, and an earthquake… and I heard a great voice from the temple say to the angels… go your ways… and pour from the vials, the wrath of God upon the Earth." It is finished child.”

After "winning" the battle.

“You know what this means? It means the politicians have been silenced. It means the corporations have been erased. It means that the world has been cleansed by God’s righteous fire… But most of all… it means I was right. The Collapse has come. The world as we know it is over. I waited so long… I waited so long for the prophecy God whispered in my ear to be fulfilled… I prepared my family for this moment. And you took them from me. I should kill you for what you’ve done. But you’re all I have left, now. You’re my family. And when this world is ready to be borne anew, we will step into the light. I am you Father and you are my child. And together, we will march to Eden’s Gate.”
We'll Meet Again...

“"Judge not, and you will not be judged. Condemned not, and you will not be condemned. Forgive… and you will be forgiven." Take your friends my child and go.”
Walk Away Ending

Far Cry New Dawn

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