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“A heavy drinker and smoker, it's taken a toll on his 48 year old frame. But still a bear of a man who can break you in two.
Did his mandatory as a paratrooper before finding work as a bodyguard and enforcer in former Yugoslavia.
Ran a small trucking company. Likes the high risk contracts, like here. Guess the money's better. He's supporting his family back in Europe.”

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Josip Idromeno is an Albanian who was born in Kosovo. He was a paratrooper in the Yugoslav People's Army, working as a bodyguard and partisan in the Kosovo Liberation Army, a paramilitary insurgent organization, and is now a veteran of the war that took place in Yugoslavia.


Josip can be chosen as the player character in Far Cry 2. If he is not chosen, he will appear as a buddy to the player character.


During the progress of the game, Josip may ask you to do a couple of favors for him:


  • He is the oldest playable character in Far Cry 2.
  • His English is not very well developed, it's obvious when he talks to you.
  • Even though Josip is ethnically Albanian, his first name is a play on the late Yugoslavian leader, Josip Broz Tito's name.
  • Josip carries either a Homeland 37 or SPAS-12 shotgun, determined randomly whenever he appears.



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