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Jungle Bivouac
Region Bowa Seko
Jungle Bivouac

Jungle Bivouac is a location in Far Cry 2.

It is located in the southeastern sector of the Bowa-Seko district. Note: This location is only available after the player has started the endgame by entering the 'Heart of Darkness'.

This remote, cliff side encampment is also the location where the player must eliminate the remaining faction leadership of both the UFLL and the APR. The entire area is under ceasefire. The player can walk right in and scout the area for good sniping/defense positions. Killing the faction leaders and escaping the area is the player's primary objective here, not killing everyone, though players are certainly free to do so if they wish.

If the player decides to meet the faction leaders, they will halt their discussion and they both note how strange that the player was able to find him, even though neither man informed him. They remain suspicious but will not do anything unless the player shoots at them in which they will defend themselves.

After the objective is completed, the player must proceed to meet the Jackal in his hut.

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