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KEOsvargiya view

KEO Svargiya Mine is a location within Kyrat in Far Cry 4. The place is controlled by Yuma Lau, who makes hallucinogens there.

The mine itself is mostly collapsed and sealed off, but there is a small room to the left with a big alter inside.

Far Cry 4

Svargiya appears in the main story during the mission Payback (Far Cry 4 Mission), there, Ajay Ghale receives the mission to go the mines and kill Yuma, arriving there he is drugged and must fight against Yuma being Kalinag, the mystical Kyrat's hero. During a combat with his Kukri, Ajay unconsciously stabs the legendary hero to death and when he wake up, Ghale had killed Yuma and her men. Also in this mission you can find letters and if you look closely you can numerous words in caps saying a message to Ajay


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