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Kanan is a character who appears in Far Cry 4. She owns her own farm not far from Banapur and is close friends with Amita and The Golden Path.

She first appears in "The Wolves' Den" mission where her farm has had several attacks from Tibetan wolves. When Ajay first meets her, she is sitting on a chair near several animal corpses, drinking beer. Kanan also makes thangka paintings. When the player meets Kanan she doesn't talk to Ajay for no reason. Her farm is just south of Army Supply Flight 2412. On your farm you can go into a secret passage, you will find there a Medical Kit and an old red mattress with Min Pagan posters torn up. There can also be found a letter of Mohan Ghale for the possible deceased husband Mahabir.

Trivia Edit

  • Kanan is possibly alcoholic and depressive, perhaps the loss of her husband, Mahabir in the fight against the Royal Army, for he was one of the followers of Mohan Ghale.
  • In The Wolves Den mission, you can see that Kanan had fought with wild animals shortly before Ajay gets there, as you can see that she is wounded and Bhadra was bandaging a wound on her leg.
  • Kanan makes various types of Thangkas paintings, as Amita shows to Ajay.

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