Kien Do

Kien Do from Far Cry Vengeance.

Kien Do is a character in Far Cry Vengeance.

“Kien Do is the governor's chief lieutenant. Bodyguard, adviser, and assassin, he is also the unofficial chief commanding officer of the country's army and police force. When need be, he can act as judge, jury, and executioner. While his loyalty to the governor's family is without question, he is not above disobeying a direct order if he feels that the family's best interests are served. He is a man both physically and emotionally scarred by life. Kein Do is intelligent, efficient, and ruthless. He is content to serve the governor's family to the best of his abilities and prefers to use his gun only as a last resort; his razor-sharp mind is by far his deadliest weapon. He likes to dress the way he likes to kill: clean and professional.”
Vengeance manual