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2012 TC6 M-Duty

“This pickup has room for your friends and livestock - which goes in the truck bed is up to you.”
Item Description

The TC6 M-Duty is a crew-cab variant, with four seats inside the cab, and several more in the truck bed.

It can be purchased for $2,180 in the vehicle store, and can be customized with several paint schemes and bobbleheads.

2012 TC6 M-Duty "Outlaw"

“Your friends don't have to ride in the truckbed anymore (but they can if they want.)[sic]
Item Description

This "Outlaw" has a mounted M2 .50 Caliber machine gun in a turret cupola. Like the standard variant, several seats can be used in the truck bed.

It can be unlocked by completing the Copperhead Rail Yard Outpost in the Holland Valley.

The Outlaw cannot be modified.

Outlaw Truck

“Practical and reliable, this pickup's got a record of getting the job done.”
Item Description

Introduced in the first content drop for Season Pass owners, the Outlaw Truck is a disconcertingly-similarly named TC6.

Like the Outlaw, the Outlaw Truck cannot be modified.

The Roskam Bros.

“It's wood-paneled, it's star-spangled, it's specially fitted to blast county music out of every hole.”
Item Description

This TC6 M-Duty is separating the bulls from the herd; The Roskam Bros. is decked out with wood panel vinyl wrappings with American flags, and the rack of a particularly large Texas Longhorn on the front grille.

The motif is based on the theme of the fictional country music act, The Roskam Brothers.

The Roskam Bros. cannot be modified.[accuracy?]

2012 TCZ

“This vehicle will make you a pickup artist. There's an art to driving it. For real.”
Item Description

The TCZ trades the roomy crew-cab space of the TC6 for a longer bed to haul more loads.

The TCZ can be purchased for $1,700 in the vehicle store.

2012 TCZ Custom Paint

“Someone paid for the detailing and the extras on this pickup.”
Item Description

This TCZ was customized by "Big Mike" and can be found in his Man Cave.

The TCZ Custom cannot be modified.

2012 TCZ-M (.50 Cal)

“No one's pants are staying clean when they see this thing coming.”
Item Description

The TCZ-M is like the standard TCZ, but with an M2 machine gun mounted in a cupola in the truck bed. It has the benefits of the TCZ, combined with the benefits of a heavy machine gun.

The TCZ-M cannot be modified.

Cult Variants

The Cult Technical is an up-armored version of the TC6 that appears in Peggie roadblocks, convoys, and responses to alarms in bases.

When armed, an M2 machine gun turret will be mounted in the truck bed, manned by a Chosen.



  • The Kimberlite TC series and the older Kimberlite K Series are heavily based on modern and vintage styles of Ford Motor Company F150 and F100 trucks respectively, with styles mixed in from other contemporary brands such as Chevrolet and Dodge.
  • Like the Cult variant of the Kimberlite K150, the Cult technical and standard variants are not available for purchase by the player.
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