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King Min's Kyrat is a handbook and guide in Far Cry 4. It tells you each time you meet a new person, animal or place. Every article is written by The Ministry of Kyrat, ruled by Pagan Min, and therefore every article is written as a piece of propaganda. Some persons are described as spy, terrorist, outlaw, clown, and hero. Ajay is also present, even though he never have been raised in Kyrat. Factions are also present in People.


Foreword from His Royal Highness, King Pagan Min:

"My loyal subjects, it brings me great pleasure to share with you another edition of Kyrat’s #1 best-seller, 'King Min's Kyrat: The Official Guide'. With each passing year, my admiration for our great nation swells. I think each and every one of you for your sworn for your loyalty to the crown, it is this tireless dedication that keeps Kyrat a peaceful and prosperous nation".








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