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The  Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon  Weapons
Melee Dragon Blade
Handguns A.J.M. 9
Assault Rifles Fazertron
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Sniper Rifles Kobracon
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“You know that burning sensation you sometimes get when you go to the bathroom? Now imagine that happening… right through your skull. That’s what happens when you put this rifle in the hands of a really good sniper. Put it in the hands of a bad sniper, though, and you’re wasting ammo shooting around some clueless sentry who’s turning around, saying: "I thought I heard something."”
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The Kobracon is an anti-material rifle in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It has an 7-round capacity and can accept numerous upgrades, including semi-automatic fire, higher-powered scopes, and explosive rounds. It can also receive increased round capacities of 14- and 46-rounds with the Extended Mag and Big ol' Box of Ammo attachments, respectively. Attachments are unlocked by collecting VHS tapes and completing Hostage Rescue and Predator's Path missions.


  • Semi-Auto
  • Explosive Rounds
  • Aim Stabilizer
  • High-Powered Scope
  • Fog Scope
  • Extended Mag
  • Big ol' Box of Ammo



  • The Kobracon refers to the 1987 sci-fi film RoboCop, which bears a striking resemblance to the Cobra Assault Cannon which is based on the M82 anti-material sniper rifle featured in the film. Moreover, like the weapon in the film, the Kobracon fires explosive rounds.
  • The other weapon to reference RoboCop in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is the A.J.M. 9.
  • The firing sound is the same as the Z93 from Far Cry 3 and shares the same reload animation as the SVD.
  • The Explosive Rounds attachment also increases the bullet damage massively, as well as making an explosion. For an unknown reason the Kobracon's damage is quite low until you add the Explosive Rounds attachment.
  • Unlike the AMR from Far Cry 3, the explosion added is of the same type as Explosive Arrows, rather than the much smaller but much more concentrated and piercing AMR explosion round.