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Kyrat Fashion Week is a hunting-based questline in Far Cry 4 given by Mumu Chiffon. The goal of the quests are to obtain certain animal skins, which can then be used in gear upgrades through crafting to increase Ajay's stats.

Black Water Dragon

The black water dragon is a rare type of demonfish that you have to hunt with explosives. There is a grenade launcher nearby. Make sure you have plenty of hunting syringes as it is hard to kill as it is always in the water.

Mad Devil

The mad devil is a rare wolf that is found in the northern part of Kyrat so make sure that you have completed the quest A Key to the North. This animal requires a bow, however it must be killed using regular arrows only. Bring as many healing syringes as possible as like with all rare animals, this one has a high damage output.

Sky Tiger

The Sky Tiger is a unique variant of the Bengal Tiger found near Barnali's Textiles (coordinates: 444, 689).

She must be killed with an assault rifle. Consider taking a signature weapon such as the Trooper, Warrior or Bushman to increase your chance of avoiding death. However, although not an assault rifle, the .700 Nitro is a usable weapon for this quest. The Sky Tiger has high health and damage, as do most rare animals.

Note that in addition to the Sky Tiger, 3-4 other tigers will be present in the area. One may use a lure to attract the animal safely. Approach with caution, make sure you have lots of Syringes available, and a large quantity of ammunition. Health syringes are particularly vital as the tiger has a high damage output. One can simply use the .700 Nitro and one-shot all the tigers including the rare Sky Tiger

The Ghost Bear

The Ghost Bear is a unique variant of bear found in this mission. You must kill the Ghost Bear with a shotgun to earn its skin.

The bear can be found near 695X, 620Y on the map.

The player can use any of the following to obtain the skin:

  • M133 or its signature variant, the Bull
  • 1887 or its signature variant, the 87
  • D2
  • SPAS-12

A basic variant of the M133 is available for the player at the hunting spot.

To unlock the fashion week quest in the area given by the coordinates, you must first liberate the outpost then the quest will appear. The quest takes place in northern Kyrat, where you must beat the mission A Key to the North before traveling to the location. Its skin is used to fully upgrade your loot bag, thus increasing Ajay's item carrying capacity up to 150 items.

Final Stage

After all the Kyrat fashion week quests are done, Ajay can find a note from Chiffon, telling them that he is moving to Paris, Milan, or Patna, and that Kyrat Fashion Week is postponed.

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