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The long runway at the end

Kyrat International (Intl.) Airport is a location within Kyrat in Far Cry 4. It is located at the top left of Southern Kyrat. It features a long runway, a terminal on the left, a warehouse on the right, and a helipad next to the terminal. The airport is used as a base for the Royal Army. Honey Badgers are usually found in the airport. Ajay can also use the fast travel menu to spawn at the airport. There is a mortar nest on the hill above the airport.


  • In the Beta, Kyrat International Airport was called "Meh Teh Airport"
    • Meh Teh is Kyrat's Airport Company, although due to the war, the company is most likely defunct, or is limited to Royal and Private Usage.
    • Although the name was changed to Kyrat International Airport, some maps scattered around Kyrat still call it Meh Teh Airport. An example of these can be found at each Kyrat Fashion Week next to the radio.
    • The airport looks like it is based on Tenzing-Hillary Airport in eastern Nepal. The airport is famous for it's curved down-sloped runway and brick wall, and has been voted the "World's Most Dangerous Airport" by many credible sources and is featured in many documentaries at the top of the list.
    • The airport is also based on Jomsom airport in northern Nepal. Due to the similarities to the terminal building.
    • Surprisingly, no working planes can be found at the airport
    • A twin otter can be found at the back of the airport near the warehouse. However, it cannot be piloted.
    • Honey badgers are commonly found on the runway. Pigs are also common here.
    • Helicopters often drop soldiers off here.
    • In the mission Free Willis, the airport is busier than normal. Planes are seen landing and taking off, and soldiers are seen patrolling.
    • To the left of the runway there is an open fence joined with other gates that lead to the road. If you keep walking near the hill, you will see a slope that you can walk up. Once you get to the top, you will find a para glider and a mortar (both are marked on your mini map).
    • Just up the hill past the Kyrat Airport Sign on the ground is an inaccessible area with several buildings and trees. Despite being blocked off by rocks and a fence, Karma events will still spawn here.
    • There is no trading post and bed which makes it inconvenient for Willis' Missions.


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