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Dr. Larry Parker is a conspiracy theorist living in the Holland Valley region in Hope County, Montana in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5

And I saw, and behold... a white horse!

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Free Larry

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He is first met by the deputy while trapped in his own failed teleporting machine. After freeing him, he asks the player to help fix his machine.

The Hero's Journey

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He tasks the deputy with destroying satellite dishes that he believes are used by ‘them’ to listen in on conversations.

Close Encounters

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Next, he tasks the Deputy with collecting ‘alien artifacts’ from the crop circle.

Out Of This World

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Later on he has the player go to some nearby power transformers and switch the electrical flow to his invention by flipping 5 transformer switches. After the first switch is flipped the player is attacked by some cultists. After all switches have been flipped the player must go back to Larry where we see him for the last time before he steps into his machine and has the Deputy activate it. He is teleported to Mars afterwards. There is a cloud of smoke and ashes seen after the end of the teleportation sequence.

Lost on Mars

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Although Parker does not appear in the DLC, Nick Rye and Hurk's Brobot can discover his logs scattered around the terminals on Mars. It is revealed that he was chosen by the A.I. ANNE to be the "defender of the Earth" by helping her defeat the Arachnids from taking over the planet and eventually, Earth. 

The Arachnids overwhelm the centers and powered them down, but Parker instead sacrificed himself by using his mind's neural pathways to keep ANNE's network afloat and call another hero to replace him, with his mind now in ANNE's robots.



  • Larry has a voicemail from Daniel McCoy at NASA, telling him that although he may be concerned about a strange deviance in celestial space, he should let it go, and stop repeatedly e-mailing and calling them.
  • If the player goes into the smoke while Larry is teleporting, you will see a brief glimpse of what appears to be an alien creature, and the sound it makes.
    • It remains to be seen if this may be foreshadowing the Lost On Mars DLC.
  • If one looks closely, they might notice Larry's shirt features an alien version of Dickbutt, although it is partially obscured by his binoculars.

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