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Leboa Sako

A map of Leboa-Sako

Leboa-Sako is the northern region of the country in Africa in Far Cry 2. This is the territory in which you begin the game and complete the faction missions for Act I. Leboa-Sako has many diverse locations ranging from barren deserts to lush jungles.

This area seems to be more industrial when compared to Bowa-Seko due to the presence of the several business-like areas such as Claes Products, Lumber, Occidental Growers Company, PetroSahel and Scrap Salvage.

However, this area seem to be less developed than Bowa-Seko. This is evident when the player walks into the town of Pala.



  • When you head south of the map towards Bowa-Seko, the screen will not blur like it does when you attempt to head the north, east, or west out of the map.