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FC3 cutout leonard
Name: Leonard
Status: Alive
Role: Playable Character (Co-Op)
Age: 52
Date of birth: 1960
Birthplace: Philadelphia, United States of America
Nationality: American
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Affiliation: Callum
Profession: Police Officer (formerly)
Games: Far Cry 3
First game: Far Cry 3
Last game: Far Cry 3

“Police database shows that Leonard grew up as a city boy in Philadelphia and followed in his father’s steps as a police officer. As he climbed the ranks, his ethics dimmed, leading to a forced departure from the department. Notorious for vulgar humor, in battle he’s at the top of the food chain.”
Survival Guide

Leonard is a playable co-op character in Far Cry 3. He admits that he had started to do work not well suited for the department, and thus was stripped of his badge, and career. Leonard, in search of new opportunities, took a job on the Astrid, as a bouncer for the ship's onboard pub.


  • Leonard is an Irish-American. He drinks quite a lot as seen in cutscenes, referring to the stereotype of the Irish as heavy drinkers.