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Libertad are a rebel group in Yara dedicated to fight the Castillo regime. Their enemy is the Fuerzas Nacionales de Defensa that is loyal to Castillo's.


Libertad is a guerrilla movement dedicated to bringing peace and free elections to Yara. To this end, Libertad's main goal is to end the facist regime headed by Antón Castillo. After Dani Rojas decides to join the group, Libertad's leader Clara Garcia tasks Dani with meeting the leaders of each of the three regions of Yara and convincing them to unite in the fight for freedom.

As the game progresses, Dani bears witness to the many compounding results of Yara's violent history. Libertad's members often argue about the methods used and the end goal, specifically the death of Castillo. These indivduals present different concepts of morality, influenced by their experiences, as a means of convenying to the player character the complexities of revolution and utilitarian ethics.

After the death of Clara and Antón, Dani rejects the role of leader. The decision to place the power in the hands of multiple people, with the goal of organizing free election, rather than consolidating it as Antón had sought, was what Clara had originally envisioned. Dani declines the role of politician but still maintains an active role in the group as Libertad continues to secure Yara against rebel factions.

Events of Far Cry 6

  • If Dani Rojas joins Libertad, Castillo regime would rapidly collapse within the later half of 2021. Unfortunately, Libertad leader Clara García is murdered before Antón is removed from power. Without her leadership, Libertad and other guerillas cannot hold the country together, Yara became unstable as remnants of Yaran military refuse to surrender, continue abusing civilians and fighting against Libertad across the country, often forming insurgencies and seizing back control of certain unstable areas. Yara remains unstable and chaotic, leaving a power vaccuum for Dani to fill. Libertad will still battle against the remnants of the Yaran military, allowing the player character to resume exploring Yara after the main story has ended.
  • If Dani Rojas takes the boat to leave Yara and live in the US, it's unknown what would happen to Libertad, all that can be heard are: three months after Dani's departure, Yara is still under Castillo's regime. Libertad's enemy, or at least their special forces, are still active. Antón managed to live on for 3 more months, claiming that his special forces killed Clara Garcia, dealt a devastating blow to Libertad and that "war has ended in Yara." Whether that is true or not is left unverified due to Castillo's regime's tight censorship. If the war is not indeed over yet, then Libertad and other factions must still be around. The fate of numerous people in Libertad are left unknown.


Main Team

Los Bandidos




  • Libertad are similar to all three factions: Rakyat tribes, Golden Path and the Resistance but they have a different set in term of battle and equipment:
    • All four of them are poor equipped, prefer guerilla warfare and easily outnumbered by the enemy especially because the enemy possessed better equipments, better vehicles and better tactics such as Privateer, Royal Guard, FNA Special Forces.
    • The difference is that Libertad can upgrade their weapon with different equipment as long as the player put their money on equipments for the member and their HQ/camp such as jetpack, minigun made from trash but effective against a large number of forces,... . While the rest of the three factions forced the player to take over enemy territories as much as possible to increase more number of forces and reduce the spawn rate of enemies while still remaining poor equipped with low-tier weapons such as AK-47 which the player was forced to upgrade and improve their own weapon and skills since it does not involved funding your factions for better equipment and vehicles.
    • At the beginning of the game, they attempted to liberated and free their country from the enemy dictatorship (Rakyat - Rook Island, Golden Path/Royalist - Kyrat, Resistance - Hope Country, Libertad - Yara) but in the end it only make it worse. As for Rook Island should Jason join Citra, the Rakyat would become a ruler of the island and ruthless proved to be worse than Pirates and Privateer. For Kyrat, the Golden Path only making this country worsen as they can ruled either by traditional way but isolated from the rest of the country or turned into a totalitarian drug state by enslaving people of Kyrat for profit. For Hope Country, should the Deputy chose Resist ending, Joseph Seed tried to warn that nuclear apocalypses is coming and foreshadowed the Hope Country had destroyed with many Resistance are dead, missing or managed to take refugee somewhere safe from nuclear radiation such as the Bunker. Finally if Diego is alive, Yara would have become a true democracy country but unfortunately Anton killed him as mercy killing along himself, forcing Libertad to hold the election and forced to be a caretaker of the Yara after the leader of Yara was overthrown which is similar to Myanmar where the coup succeed it in 2021 only to be ruled by military junta as alleged of election fraud.