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"Nick Rye, the "King of the Skies" is ready to go – literally - above and beyond, to discover uncharted territories.

Once you’re stranded on the red planet, your mission is simple: stop the Martian Arachnid invasion and get back home safely.

Promotional Description[1][2]

Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars is the second DLC add-on planned for release in Far Cry 5's Season Pass. In this pack, Nick Rye having survived Hope County is dropped on Mars along with Hurk to fight against an invasion of giant alien spiders. Their goal is to restore humanity's last line of defense. An A.I. named ANNE.[3]

This DLC introduces a whole new Martian open world for players to explore. It features new alien weaponry including the single-shot Blaster of Disaster, the Hellfire (shoots multiple laser balls), and the Morphinator, described as a "fearsome weapon that turns your enemies into explosive, arachnid-attracting cows". Most of the Martian weapons are currently available on the Far Cry Arcade.


One night, Nick Rye was driving home after doing some errands for his family when he gets a phone call from Hurk during the drive home. Hurk claims that during one of their drunken escapades at the Spread Eagle Bar, he made Nick promise to aid him if he was ever seduced by a super hot, super intelligent being of dubious moral standing who whisked him away to an exotic land. Despite Nick's vague recollection of such a specific promise, he begrudgingly consented to fulfill the said promise as soon as his journey was frustratingly impeded by a cow on the road. Nick was soon shocked to discover that a teleportation beam was trying to whisk him away, after it teleported both the cow and his truck. Despite Nick's efforts to evade abduction, the teleportation beam caught up to Nick and he was transported to a Mars space station.

Nick wakes up dressed in a space suit and angrily searches for Hurk as Hurk speaks to Nick through the station's intercoms. Eventually Nick finds Hurk at the station's control center and discovers he is just a floating head kept alive by cybernetic enhancements. Hurk explains that Nick was brought to Mars to save the Earth from an Arachnids invasion. Hurk elaborates that ANNE, the AI super-being he has a crush on, will prevent the invasion if Nick brings her back online by repairing her network via finding energy cores and using them to power all the terminals in her network. Unable to return home because the space station's power was nearly drained in order to teleport Nick to Mars, Nick has no choice but to comply with Hurk's task.

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Gameplay Overview

Robot for Hire

In the Lost on Mars DLC, there is only one 'Gun for Hire' and it is the Brobot. Hurk is on Mars but is not quite himself. All his body parts except for his head is scattered on the planet's surface. Nick needs to find the rest and put Hurk back together again. Hurk is currently a floating talking head with the help of technology, but he can't traverse the planet in that state. His consciousness is instead transferred into a small flying robot body, dubbed by Hurk as "Brobot".


  • The Power of Music
    • The Best DJ on Mars. Brobot comes equipped with a catalog of tunes to help set the mood.
  • EMP
    • Discharges electromagnetic energy damaging all Arachnids caught in the blast.

Weapons and Combat



Beam Guns



Special Weapon

  • Larry's Leaf Blower




Main Mission

Terminal Missions

Hurk Missions

Side Missions

Other Mission Items

Larry's Notes Locations


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  • Although originally billed as the third and final DLC planned for the first season of Far Cry 5, in a news post from 24 May 2018, it was revealed that Dead Living Zombies had been pushed to an August release, while Hours of Darkness and Lost On Mars had been pushed up.[4]
  • A Note in Far Cry New Dawn implies that Lost on Mars is not part of the canon storyline, but a product of Guy Marvel's imagination, given the mention of Martians in his frustration about the world ending.
  • The non-canon nature of both this DLC and Dead Living Zombies is confirmed in a loading screen for Dead Living Zombies (the last Far Cry 5 DLC released) which states: "Hurk wishes he could be in this, but he was too busy starring in Lost on Mars". This means only Hours of Darkness is part of the events that actually happened in the main games' canon.


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