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The M-16 is an assault rifle that appears in Far Cry 5, the Hours of Darkness expansion and in Far Cry New Dawn.

Far Cry 5

"A classic assault rifle perfect for jungle warfare."

In-Game Description

The perks of the M-16 over the modern AR-C are dubious at best; the AR-C has identical stats, except having an additional point in the Handling, with 5 to the M-16's 4. Outside of the "classic" aesthetic to the firearm, it is statistically worse. They both have a 30-round capacity, and both hold 40 rounds when an Extended Magazine is upgrade is used; as well, both have the semi-automatic, 3-round-burst, and automatic fire modes.

Along with the stats, the M16 uses the same animations and sound effects as the AR-C, making this weapon a reskinned version of it. If that doesn't bother you however, it is a very cool weapon to use.

It is obtained for free via ownership of the Hours of Darkness expansion. Like the other bonus weapons from owning the expansion, it has no skins available. However, it can be fitted with a suppressor, optical sight, and extended magazine.

Far Cry New Dawn

"Giant Tool" M-16

"The most deadly hodgepoge in Hope County, and it handles like a dream. Just be REALLY careful if you need to use that screwdriver again."

In-Game Description

The M-16 returns in Far Cry New Dawn with a post-apocalyptic variant named the Giant Tool. It has a scope and a screwdriver attached to it like a bayonet. The gun itself is being held together with elastic bands on the middle of the gun itself, with electrical tape wrapped around the magazine, directly below the scope, and wrapped around the stock.

The Giant Tool M-16 is an Elite weapon, firstly the player needs to upgrade the Workbench to the level 3. It deals 100 damage and has a 30-round magazine.

Far Cry 6

The M-16 returns in Far Cry 6. It behaves similarly to its 5 counterpart, but holds only 20 rounds despite being modeled with the same 30-round magazine.



  • The description text mentioning that it is "perfect for jungle warfare" is somewhat dubious itself, as first generation M16/XM16E1 models proved  to be notoriously unreliable in the damp, humid climates of Southeast Asia, due to improper gunpowder used in rifle's cartridges, chambers and barrels lacking chrome lining and the weapon being erroneously marketed as self-cleaning (thus leading to weapon not being cleaned for prolonged periods) and having no cleaning kits supplied. However, in M16A1 variant most of the issues were rectified with weapon achieving quite decent reliability (however, with the damage to its reputation already being done). This line could however be  just a nod to Hours Of Darkness DLC.
  • The M-16 in Far Cry 5 is an M16A1, as it has a "teardrop" style forward assist on the right side of the weapon's upper receiver, and a birdcage flash suppressor.
  • As the M-16 in Far Cry 5 has a fixed carrying handle, the optical sight uses an additional Weaver Rail attachment.