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The M79 is a grenade launcher that appears in Far Cry 2, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry 5; appearing in Far Cry Arcade and Hours of Darkness in the latter.

Far Cry 2

The M-79 is a weapon in Far Cry 2. It becomes available after completing the last Convoy mission in Act 1 or at the beginning of Act 2. Being an explosive weapon, it can "one-hit-destroy" a vehicle. Just like the IED, the M-79's ammo depends on the amount of Grenades you carry (which depends on the difficulty you are playing on). No enemies wield this weapon.


The Model 79 is a single-shot, shoulder-launched, break-action grenade launcher which fires 40mm grenades. It first appeared during the Vietnam War. Because of its distinct sound, the M-79 has been given a number of nicknames, like "thumper" or "blooper". The M-79 has remained in service in many units worldwide in niche roles.It using 40x46mm grenade.


The M-79 can take out vehicles from mid to long range, making it an ideal anti-vehicle weapon. The disadvantages of the M-79 is its very low rate of fire and the way it tends to "lob" grenades out for distant shots so that the trajectory of the launched grenade forms an arc in the air (due to gravity). This arc requires the player to judge just how high to point the M-79 in order to hit a distant target. This method of aiming is not exactly difficult, but it can be slightly inconvenient. However, the player can arc the grenade over an object, meaning it could almost be used as an improvised mortar. Although it is highly reliable, it will sometimes spit out "duds" when in bad condition which can be extremely dangerous as they explode almost immediately.

A recommended loadout for using sniper rifles would be to pair them with a light machinegun and the M-79. The light machinegun will provide close and middle range defense, while the M-79 give the player explosive power to quickly destroy vehicles.


Far Cry 4

The M-79 Appears in Far Cry 4 as a sidearm, single-shot grenade launcher, available from the trading post as well as a drop before many Armed Escort missions, which is the easiest way to unlock it early and for free..

It has a single round magazine capacity however it can have up to 50 grenades with a fully upgraded Heavy Ammo Bag.

It's status as a sidearm allows players to use it whilst driving, which in combination with a Buzzer allows players to easily take out enemy outposts and convoys. The sights, however, are difficult to get used to and will require much practice to use well.


  • The M79 is a perfect choice for disabling enemy Vehicles as it only requires 1 shot to flip most vehicles over in addition to crowd control.
  • Avoid using this weapon in close quarters as there is a chance that the shell will violently bounce to the side and kill nearby allies or the wielder.


Far Cry 5

A sawn-off variant, the M79 as it appears in Far Cry 5 has a shortened stock and barrel, allowing it to be used as a sidearm.

The damage has been significantly reduced, and is no longer capable of destroying or flipping most vehicles with a single shot; rather, a single shot will disable the vehicle, while a second shot is required to destroy it.

“Why use your arm to throw grenade[sic], when you can just pull a trigger? Perfect for short to mid-range targets.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The base model M-79 in Far Cry 5 can be customized with several paint schemes.

The M79 can be purchased, and can be customized with several skins.


“This M-79 was in the war. Which war? I dunno. The one with the shark paint trend.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

Statistically indentical, the Shark Shooter is painted in a shark mouth livery similar to the 1911, AR-C, and AR-CL that also have this option.

The Shark Shooter can be purchased for $7,200 or Fc5 icon silverbars 400 Silver Bars .


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